Bella Thorne in a new show – By Lucia Tran

Would you care to introduce yourself to everyone?

Yes, thank you! I am 11 years old and I have two sisters and one brother, two dogs and four cats and a new kitten.

You are now recurring as Christian Slater’s daughter in the new NBC show, “My Own Worst Enemy,” how was the filming process like?
I have a recurring role on Dirty Sexy Money but I am a series regular on the MOWE. It has been the BEST experience of my life. Everyone is so nice and they teach me new stuff everyday. It’s like a dream!

Where was it filmed? And how long did it take to finish the first season?
It is filmed mostly in LA at Paramount. We are beginning the 7th episode right now! We have at least six more to go before we finish.

May you tell us about the auditions and call backs? Were you at all nervous?
No, I don’t get nervous but I do get REALLY excited. This show was a quick process on a few castings BUT some of the other stuff I’ve been in have had like at least six call backs.

You’ve met your co-star, Taylor Lautner, before, what was it like to be in the same show together? Was he friendly and sweet?
Taylor is like a REAL big brother. I am crazy about him. He is so sweet and down to earth. We did the chemistry test together and I knew that we’d get along great. He is also such a good actor and well, he is the best.

In the first episode, your (including Taylor’s) appearance was short, should we be expecting more of “Henry’s family” in the next episodes?
YES! our stories will develop much more. We are both like our “dad” on the show. Taylor is a XMA fighter and I spy on people!

What is the best and worst thing that occurred on set?
The best thing was getting my first chair with my name on it. I cried! Also, it was really cool that Christian gave me my first cell phone. Worst? We haven’t had one yet.

What kind of food did they serve?
We have the best craft team. I love the yogurt cups they make! There are always lots of salads, meat, bread and yummy desserts. But my favorite things to eat are spicy or have lots of vegetables esp. olives.

Who were you with most often, between takes?
I’d say Christian or Taylor. If neither are working with me then my set teacher or mom.

If you could change Ruthy’s name to anything you, what would you name your character?
Mae after my grandma that died a few months ago or it could be cool to be named after my dad. His name was Delancey but I think that name would be too hard for the show.

Being only 11 years old, you have been on magazines and on the television screen, what’s it like to see yourself?
Do you criticize yourself? Or are you enjoying the moment?

I do know when I don’t have a good take or picture. I’ve been working since I was a baby and have learned so much. I started with modeling and commercials. I do try and learn from everyone so that I am always getting better. I am enjoying being on a regular tv show. It’s been a long two and a half years to get it! But I love it.

Who introduced you to acting and modeling?
My mom, brother and sister.

In your opinions, which occupation seems to be more thrilling? Acting or Modeling?
Acting for sure. I do love modeling though.

What type of movies are you looking forward to be in?
I’d like to be in an action film. I also would like something FUNNY. Scary movies are fun but my friends can’t see them.

Who are you hoping to work with in the future?
Angelia Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Natalie Portman, Leo DiCaprio, Keira Knightley, Kristin Stewart, Ellen Page and Miley Cyrus. Actually, I’d love to work with so many great actors. Anyone that I could learn from. I used to have Christian on my list and now I’ve worked with him!

Are you completely obsessed with something at the moment?
What is it?
YES! Dancing and texting!

Do you attend a regular school? Or are you home schooled?
I am homeschooled and I have a great set teacher, Lucas.

In the next few years, what are you hoping to accomplish?
I’d like to get past fractions. I would like to study different dance styles and learn Spanish. It was my first language but I forgot it from not using it.

So your birthday was just recent, did you celebrate? How did you spend your birthday?
Yes. I had a fun time. I went for a family dinner, opened my presents and had cake and then I went out on Saturday night with family and friends. We had so much fun.

Do you own an iPod? If so, what is our favorite song on it?
YES!Tainted Love is my fave song right now but it changes every day.

According to your official website, it states that you divide your time in Florida, New York, and California – does that you mean you have 3 different homes?
Not now. We just sold our home in Florida and spend most of our time in California. We do travel to NY but we’ve always rented an apt there.

What is the best present you have received so far?
My cat Luna.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
Wonder Woman.

Do you have a few words you’d like to say to your fans out there?
Yes, thank you for all the emails and letters. When things are tough, I go back and read them and it makes me happy also I want to thank everyone for watching My Own Worst Enemy.

Favorite color: PINK
Favorite actor: CHRISTIAN SLATER
Favorite actress: NATALIE PORTMAN
Favorite musician: BLONDIE
Favorite snack: OLIVES