Interview: How Bella Got Mistaken for a Guy

Sweet new interview with Bella discussing her upcoming movie Blended, and how she was mistaken for a guy off the set! Check it out!

In the new movie “Blended,” Bella Thorne plays Adam Sandler’s track-suit-wearing tomboy daughter Hillary, aka “Larry.” The transformation from girlie girl was so convincing that Bella was actually mistaken for a guy off the set.

“I went to the restroom, and the guy’s like, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t go in there. The men’s room is that way.'” Bella says she immediately got “this devastated look on my face.”

Bella, 16, takes the reactions in stride and says she doesn’t feel pressure growing up in the public eye. “If people are talking about me, it doesn’t stress me out,” Bella says. “I know who I am. I’m not trying to be anything else.”

The actress, who’s also known for her role on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up,” is aware of how young her fan base is, and she has special advice for the tweens who look up to her. “Women and girls need to stick together and stick up for each other,” she says.
To find out what it was like working with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, check out this episode of “Daily Shot.”


Bella the new Neutrogena’s Brand Ambassador

Amazing news about Bella being the newest Neutrogena Brand Ambassador! Read this article below by TeenVogue! We are so excited for Bella and proud of her!

Bella Thorne just announced (via Twitter—where else?!) that she’s the newest Neutrogena Brand Ambassador. That’s right—you can soon expect to see the Shake It Up star washing her face (while somehow still looking perfect—teach us your ways!) on a television screen near you.

“I love being able to share a positive message about healthy skin,” Bella told us. And even though she’s among Young Hollywood’s most immaculately complected, prepping for her new beauty gig taught the actress a lot about proper skincare. “Usually, you’ll see acne first, then take care of it after. But really, you need to take care of your skin before you break out,” she says. After just one day on the job, she already knows her stuff—impressive!

Bella keeps pimples at bay by washing daily—in the morning and before bed—with that old faithful staple: Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Acne Wash. As an extra measure, she follows up with the Rapid Clear Treatment Pads. “I use them day and night,” she says. “They just make my skin feel like it’s breathing.” Before she steps out the door, Bella follows the most important skincare principle of all—she smears on a liberal dose of “anything Neutrogena with SPF,” she says. “I have fair skin!”

It goes way more than skin deep—a healthy beauty routine can make all the difference. “I want everyone to feel confident and inspired to take good care of themselves, and feel comfortable in their own skin,” Bella says, both figurative and literally speaking. “When you feel happy about your true self, that’s when you can believe in your dreams and achieve anything.”

See a sneak peek from her commercial right here, and keep an eye on your TV for the whole thing.

SOURCE – TeenVogue

Bella iDecide Campaign

I realized I never posted about Bella’s iDecide Campaign with Century Council. It started in the beginning of this year, I’m sure almost all Bella fans know this, but thought I should post it anyway. To date, three videos have been released in the campaign, you can watch those below. It is targeted towards teens who should make their own decisions, and should make the correct ones, like “Not drink and drive” so it’s a great campaign.
I added 9 images of Bella from the Bella_iDedide instagram page, you can take a look at them in the gallery.

You could also win a VIP trip to meet Bella, check that out here

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WAT-AAH!’s Move Your Body 2013

WAT-AAH! Foundation (, an organization founded by WAT-AAH!, a brand of functional bottled water for kids and teens, announces the 3rd annual Move Your Body 2013 event, taking place in NYC and L.A., May 1st at 1:42pm EST/10:42am PST.

Exciting 250,000 kids in over 600 schools, the annual nationwide youth exercise event supports First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative with a motivational PSA featuring Austin Mahone, Bella Thorne, Blake Michael, Carly Rae Jepsen, Coco Jones, Eve, Jacob Latimore, Jada Grace, Jessica Sanchez, Luke James, Madison Beer, Mindless Behavior, Perez Hilton and The Wanted.

– WAT-AAH! Foundation

YoungHollywood interview

The always delightful Bella Thorne returns to the Young Hollywood Studio to talk about her hit Disney Channel show “Shake It Up”, answer some Twitter questions from fans, and take a little stroll down Memory Lane with us! Also, she reveals some of her favorite Happy Facts (as seen on her website, tells us what fashion trends she’s loving right now, and find out which past YH interviewee she is dying to meet! Hosted by Nikki Novak (@nikkinovak)..

Inside Disney Star Bella Thorne’s Fashionable World

Fun, flirty and floral: three rules to live by as spring and summer heat up.

Disney’s Shake It Up! star Bella Thorne knows these rules all too well, and at just 15 years old has crafted her own signature style and become a red carpet regular.

“I like stuff that has a lot of texture or difference to it, or stuff that really moves on the body well,” Thorne told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent fashion shoot at the new Alice + Olivia store in Beverly Hills, picking out a shorts and blazer combination to try on.

Thorne also admitted to being a fan of the high-waisted trend, as illustrated by her most recent red carpet look, saying: “I like to wear my skirts high-waisted — it gives you a nice waistline because then you can wear a blousey shirt or you can still go with a tighter shirt, but either way you want to make sure you see a nice cut of the waist.”

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