Forget Me Not Premiere

Bella attended the Forget Me Not world premiere on Screamfest in LA. She looked absolutely stunning, and we adore that dress she’s wearing, she looks so beautiful and grown up ;D
I added 9 images to the gallery, 4 of them are HQ. You can expect more pics tomorrow.
I have also updated the Wardrobe page with the newest outfits from 2009. Including the Forget Me Not premiere outfit. You can view that page Here

009 x “Forget Me Not” World Premiere

Gallery Update

I’ve added some images from old events, Dani Brubaker shoots, Magazine Scans and then an image of Bella on the set of “Little Monk”
If I will add more pictures today, I will just update this post

01 x “Little Monk” – On Set
05 x Raise Hope for the Congo event
01 x Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards House
01 x Melanie Segal’s MTV Pool Party
07 x “The Bash” Charity Event
04 x “Earth” LA premiere
11 x “My Own Worst Enemy” premiere
05 x Dani Brubaker #4
01 x Aldo Kids
01 x Target – Magazine Scan
03 x Disney – Magazine Scan

I have also added 3 new bookmarks made by myself and some AOL Instant Messenger Icons