They Said

“It was super cool making a dress for and meeting her! But the best part of all of this is that I saw that she is just a really nice and normal girl! That is what I think is super cool!” (Cecilia Cassini, Age 10 – Bella’s dress designer at Kaili’s 18th birthday party)

“Bella is a dynamo. She’s a big personality, total high-energy. You want to get to know her better the instant you meet her.” (Judy Taylor, senior vice president of casting for the Disney Channel)

Co-stars from Blended

Drew Barrymore: “Oh, I’m crazier about Bella Thorne than words could ever express. I’m like the biggest Bella Thorne fan.”

Co-stars from the DUFF

Robbie Amell: “Bella is nothing like her character; she was so sweet. I expected her to be more like her character than she is in real life and she’s not; she’s the complete opposite, she’s so sweet and she just does a really good job at playing the bitch. Our scenes were really fun together because I never knew what to expect or what she was going to do. I actually don’t have that many scenes with Bella if you look back at the movie. It’s more us fighting than anything else.”

Robbie Amell: “I had no idea what to expect from Bella because she’s this massive star at 17 years old, 16 at the time, and I thought there’s no way this girl isn’t crazy. She was so sweet. I met her mother and her dog at the airport. I can’t say enough nice things about Bella. She wasn’t what I expected, in the best ways possible.”

Mae Whitman: “Bella is such a dufus! I love her so much! She is like the funniest, wackiest person ever. Like, this morning we had to go do stuff at seven o’clock in the morning and my face was falling off [because I had] no coffee and was so tired. Bella was like running down the hall in high heels, doing jumping jacks, singing and screaming and I was just like, ‘Give me some of that!’ She is so cute, vibrant and full of life and fun. I was in hair and makeup and she came in and shoved this weird juice in my face and was like, ‘drink this!!’ I was like, ‘what is it?!’ And she was like ‘I don’t know, drink it!!!’ She made me drink some weird juice; iI was really amazing but yeah, we all got along really well.”