About the Site

Written By Elisa

I started this site in March (I think) 2009, with a girl called Celin who I met through another site of hers, Fabulous Abigail Breslin. I wanted to make a fansite for Bella and she wanted that too so we started on BellaThorneOnline together. Then Anna emailed us and she asked if we wanted to make a site with her. So we moved from this domain to another one, bella-thorne.net and named the site Lovely Bella.
Not long after we started out there we had server problems. We lost all or most of our content including all the images in the gallery. We started over and it happened again. Me and Anna decided to move back to this domain and keep this site going and we reopened it in August 2009. Celin dropped out because she was too busy to maintain this website along with her other ones.
So now me and Anna are working on this site and we are both glad that we switched back over to BellaThorneOnline. We got Bella’s approval of the site and now we’re her official fansite.