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I added some new outtakes of Bella from different photoshoots she did this year. I love them, I think that Bella looks stunning, as always! What do you think? Make sure you check the pictures out!

- 01 x Girls Life Magazine
- 01 x By Colin Douglas Gray
- 01 x Jersey EP Photoshoot
- 02 x Latina Magazine Cover Outtakes

Posted on November 15th, 2014, By • Article under Articles & Interviews Autumn Falls

US Magazine has posted an interview with Bella where she is discussing her novel “Autumn Falls”, the writing process, the character and more.

Thorne also knows honesty, which was probably the biggest takeaway from our lengthy chat with her about the book. Bella was open about her work with ghostwriter Elise Allen, and even more open when the discussion turned to her experience with losing her father and her family being taunted about it.

What was your writing process like?
I’ll draft out some stuff and write down some ideas where I want the story to go chapter by chapter. I’ll hand it to my ghostwriter and we’ll talk about the things that really need to be portrayed by these characters. … We try to have something happen in every chapter. You know what your main thing is, then you kind of write the story around it.

How much did you really collaborate with your ghostwriter?
We work together very well. She’s amazing and really knows what she’s doing. She’ll send back to me a draft and then I’ll make more notes and send it back to her. We keep that process for awhile and then we’ll send it to the editor and see what they think and get notes back.

There are so many parallels between your life and Autumn’s, particularly in relation to the death of her father. It felt a bit like you laid it all out there.
Exactly. I laid it all out there. … When my father first died, the day I heard it, I couldn’t cry. It was very odd. You’re still in a state of shock, I think. That’s kind of where Autumn is. There are times where I’m completely normal even to this day and I’m just like, “Oh, that light post looks nice. I wonder if Daddy would like that light post.” And then, all of a sudden, I realize I’m crying…

A lot of what happened to [Autumn], like the outside forces, too. There’s a rumor that she’s upset about and when she wakes up and hears [her father’s] voice — those are things in the book that happened to me and I wanted Autumn to feel that pain.

That stuff couldn’t have been very easy to write. Were there tears shed in the process?
Oh my God, there were so many.

You mentioned the rumor a classmate spreads that put the blame for her father’s death squarely on Autumn’s shoulders. What’s the real-life version of that incident?
The rumor happened a little bit differently to my family — not to me but to my family. It was so messed up and I just felt that it was a good thing to write in the book because people can be so evil.

How does some of that compare to some of the things you see written about you online now?
It’s just 10 times worse. I mean, it’s just my life. I’m not in public high school like Autumn is. … I realized that people can read whatever they want and they’re going to choose to believe it because they want to, not because it’s the truth, but because they want to believe you’re doing this or that. If they want to believe it, there’s no changing their minds, and that’s the same thing in high school.

Kyler Leeds is Autumn’s big celebrity crush. Who is your Kyler Leeds?
If I was in the time of the ’80s when Billy Squier was really big, he would have been my Kyler Leeds. I think he’s amazing and I love his music videos even though they are so much older.

One book down, two to go. Is that scary?
When Autumn Falls comes out and does well, I’ll be less worried. When I get feedback from my followers and they say how much they love it and this part inspired them and this would happen in their life and “Oh, Autumn went through this. So did I. I loved that you put it in there,” that’s when I’ll be happy.

I just really, really hope that everyone loves it and is like, “Wow, this girl isn’t just the Disney Channel girl. This is a girl that had hard times. This is a girl that has been through a lot of stuff and is still standing strong, still here.” I really hope people see that.


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It was a very short stop for Bella in LA, since yesterday, on November 14th, she departed from LAX airport to go to a book signing in Chicago. I added some candids of her from the airport.

Also, won’t make a special update for it, but I’ve added all of Bella’s Instagram photos from June through today (or yesterday) and also the instagram photos of Bella that her mom, Tamara shares on her instagram. You can take a look at all of these here.

- 029 x Departing from LAX airport – November 14, 2014

Posted on November 14th, 2014, By • Article under CSI Gallery

I’ve added screencaps from Bella’s guest appearance in CSI. The episode is really great, Bella did a fantastic job on it!! You can take a look at the screencaps in the gallery.

- 108 x [2014] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > Screencaps

Posted on November 14th, 2014, By • Article under Autumn Falls Event Gallery

A bit late adding these, but on October 31st, Bella attended with Tristan the Just Jared’s Hollywood Party, and I’ve added images from that event. On November 11th, Bella had a book signing for “Autumn Falls” and then yesterday, on November 13th Bella attended Latina Magazine’s ’30 Under 30′ Party. You can see images from these three events in the gallery right now.

- 025 x 2014 Just Jared Halloween Party: “JJ Freak Show”

- 112 x Book Signing, Barnes and Noble, New York City

- 015 x Latina Magazine’s ’30 Under 30′ Party

Posted on November 14th, 2014, By • Article under Candids Gallery

I just added a lot of images to the gallery, including six sets of candids, most of them of Bella out in New York City while she was doing press for Autumn Falls. You can check these out in the gallery now!

- 013 x At a Cafe, Los Angeles – November 3, 2014
– 038 x Arriving at JFK International Airport, New York City – November 10, 2014
– 020 x Leaving her hotel, New York City – November 11, 2014
– 105 x Outside the ‘Today’ show studios, New York City – November 11, 2014
– 068 x Out in New York City – November 11, 2014
– 156 x Arriving at LAX Airport, – November 12, 2014

Posted on November 13th, 2014, By • Article under Autumn Falls Talk Shows Videos

Bella was on Access Hollywood today talking about her newly published novel Autumn Falls and her real-life inspiration for the book. Also talking in the other video about Tristan and getting the normal teenager experiences with him like school dances and going to games and such.

Posted on November 13th, 2014, By • Article under Site News

We are so sorry for the lack of updates around here, but there are reasons for it. And now we would like to seek your help, if you’d like to help out here on BTO, help us post new images, articles, interviews, news, anything Bella related. If you’d like to help make some new content for the site, if you have some good ideas on how to make the site better, let us hear it and maybe you can help!

So please read this if you are interested in helping out, I really want the site to be better than it currently is! I want fans to be able to come here for all the latest on Bella, and with just 2 of us keeping this site it is not an easy task.

So check this out and don’t hesitate to send us an email if interested! Look forward to hearing from you!

Posted on October 29th, 2014, By • Article under Gallery Photoshoot Stills The DUFF

Thanks to TeenVogue, we have 3 stills with Bella for the upcoming movie the DUFF, and also a photoshoot image by Guy Lowndes for TeenVogue.
I had previously added one promo for the DUFF, which is from the CBS site for the film.

The flick is based on the novel The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), by Kody Keplinger, who was only 17 when she wrote it. Protagonist Bianca (played by Mae Whitman) has been labeled “the DUFF” by the student body and is determined to overthrow Madison (Bella’s character), the school’s evil queen. “I don’t like playing mean characters, but Madison isn’t your typical pretty girl,” Bella reveals. “She wears simple outfits and doesn’t raise her voice.” Her dark brown eyes widen. “All the fire is in her expression!”

Bella jumps up to go to the gym for her next take. It’s decked out with a rotating disco ball and full-on party decor for this pivotal scene, where Madison, in Bella’s words, “finally gets her slap in the face.” With The Hangover’s Ken Jeong as a costar (“He is so cool!”) and a tight-knit cast (“Skyler Samuels and I go to the pool on our days off. We’re soaking with organic coconut oil—it’s supposed to be good for you!”), this experience has been one for the ages. “I’ve never gone to an actual homecoming,” Bella whispers to me from the stage. “But I’m living it now, so I don’t need to do it for real!”

“Robbie is so funny with his Toronto accent that he tries to hide,” Bella says of costar Robbie Amell, who plays the movie’s leading man. “He’s so cool. He asks me if I want to watch the the Kings game, so I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I want to learn about hockey so I always try to get Robbie to teach me! And he’s like, ‘Shut up, I’m trying to watch the game!'”


- 004 x Promotional Photos/Stills
– 001 x By Guy Lowndes for TeenVogue

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Bella is the cover star for Latina Magazine December 2014/January 2015 issue. Added the outtakes from the photoshoot the the gallery, along with the cover!

Cuban-American singer and actress Bella Thorne dishes on her upcoming movie roles and the personal life of a rising star in Latina’s December 2014/January 2015 issue. The 17-year-old fashionista reveals how she handles the criticism on everything from her clothes to her ethnicity in Latina’s exclusive interview, which hits newsstands and Nook Newsstand on November 10, 2014.

On the public’s response to her fashion choices: “Does it irk me? Definitely. It irks me deep down into my soul. It’s like, ‘What do you want from me? I’m a teenager.’ ”
On her recent breakup with on-and-off boyfriend Tristan Klier: “He doesn’t really get why I can’t just go to the mall or go to the gym like a regular teenager because of who I am. It’s a little tough at times.”
On having her first big role on Disney’s Shake It Up cancelled without warning: “We read about it in the trades. Nobody from the network told us. It did feel like a betrayal. The show was my home for three years, and the cast and crew were my family.”
On putting her other passion, writing, to good use: “I wanted to write a book because I’m dyslexic. It’s important to me to show my fans all over the world that if I can do it by working for it, so can they.”
On defining her Latin roots, despite criticism, after her father’s tragic death: “I know I’m Latina. I don’t think speaking Spanish or having dark hair is what makes you Latin. That’s ridiculous and it irritates me when people question it. Having a quince made me feel closer to my roots and closer to my dad.”
On working and entitlement: I wish people knew how hard I work. People are so quick to judge. They think I am some spoiled little rich girl who was just handed all this. They don’t see how hard I worked and everything I fought to overcome to get here. I worked for it all, and so did my family.


- 011 x Latina Magazine Cover Outtakes
– 001 x Latina Magazine [December 2014/January 2015]

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