Gallery and Video update

We have added 10 Magazin Scans to the gallery, they’re not in a new magazine though, but we might be getting new ones soon. So be sure to check these out, Bella is so cute!

10 x Magazine Scans

Also thanks to Anna we have got the first 2 webisodes of Little Monk on our youtube account, featuring Bella as Wendy. It’s the only place you can see it I think if you don’t live in USA so enjoy ;D
And we have got the third part of the Film Festival Radio up too.

Little Monk!

Hey, Bella Fans! The first episode of Little Monk is up on the web and we’re in the process of getting it on our youtube! Bella was FANTASTIC and we can’t wait to see more of her. Also, we have new photos on the way, so watch out for those!

Calendar – August 2009

We here at Bella Thorne Online are going to make a Bella themed calendar for each month. You can see the calendar for august in the sidebar and we’ll put it here as well.
If someone is interested in having a calendar competition write that in the cbox. It’s not fun to have a competition if no-one will enter.

Bella’s Radio Interview

Hello, Bella Fans! Anna here.  Bella did a radio interview this morning, here are 2/3 parts of it.  The third part will be up soon.

I got a chance to chat with Bella which was SO FUN.  She is the most talented, sweet and down to earth girl I’ve ever chatted with!

Part One:

Part Two, I start talking at around 5:50;

Part 3 will be up soon!

Grand Opening

Hello and welcome to Bella Thorne Online, you number one resource for everything Bella Thorne!  We are Bella Thorne’s Official and most updated fansite and we love running the site for you! We closed down for a brief period of time but have re-opened with a new layout, new staff and new resources!  Our layout was made by the lovely and talented Dani, who we adore. Thanks, Dani! Our Image Archive is up though and currently has over 1000 Bella Thorne images and counting. Be sure to check that out!

Love, Elisa & Anna!