Gallery Update!

Hello, Bella Fans! I updated with seven EXCLUSIVE photos! Check them out!
These photos were taken by my mom at the Madison & Mulholland event. I was not able to be there to meet Bella, but she was very sweet to my mom and gave me an autograph and a letter thanking me (and Elisa) for running the fansite. These photos have been resized from their original HQ state and tagged to prevent stealing. There are several posers that are stealing our tagged images. My mom, Kathleen Crandall, and the site. Please don’t steal these, as these pictures are exclusive and we’d like to keep them that way 🙂

But to all of the loyal fans that visit our site: Enjoy these images! Bella looks FABULOUS!

7 x Madison&Mulholland EXCLUSIVES

Gallery Update

I’ve added some images from old events, Dani Brubaker shoots, Magazine Scans and then an image of Bella on the set of “Little Monk”
If I will add more pictures today, I will just update this post

01 x “Little Monk” – On Set
05 x Raise Hope for the Congo event
01 x Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards House
01 x Melanie Segal’s MTV Pool Party
07 x “The Bash” Charity Event
04 x “Earth” LA premiere
11 x “My Own Worst Enemy” premiere
05 x Dani Brubaker #4
01 x Aldo Kids
01 x Target – Magazine Scan
03 x Disney – Magazine Scan

I have also added 3 new bookmarks made by myself and some AOL Instant Messenger Icons

New Video

Here’s a video of Bella at the Summer Spectacular! We’re in the process of finding photos.

Bella talks about her roles in Corpse, Big Love and Under The Influence/American Influence. She begins filming Big Love on Tuesday! Good luck, Bella. We love you!

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