TheStarScoop.Com got the scoop from Bella Thorne about Dirty Sexy Money, My Own Worst Enemy, being part of an acting family, and more.

You play Ruthy Spivey on My Own Worst Enemy. Tell us about her and how she fits into the story line of the show.Ruthy loves her daddy. She is sassy and sweet. She is very smart and loves spying on everyone. She’s a spy like her dad. She just doesn’t know it yet. She is also close to her mom and likes arguing with her brother just like me! Ruthy fits in the story to show the loving family side of Henry, played by Christian Slater. I think we are also going to see that she’s more like her dad than anyone knows. More like Edward, Henry’s other personality.

Why should our readers tune into My Own Worst Enemy?
Because the writers are so good and give us great stories to play out every week. The directors are all wonderful. The actors are the best. There isn’t a TV show like this one on air right now. You get a fun, adventurous, movie in a weekly show. It also has real love in the show. I think viewers are going to be so amazed when they watch the show. I mean is there anyone cooler than Christian Slater?

This is your second major TV series as a major character. What did you learn from Dirty Sexy Money that you can use to help you as you work on My Own Worst Enemy?
I learned so much from all the actors on Dirty Sexy Money, they really work hard and teach me to do the same. Billy Baldwin is my dad on that show and he really helps me on set and looks after me. I’ve learned how great it is to be part of a show and see all the different people it takes to put a show together. Everyone really puts all their effort in to the show. Not just the actors, but the writers, producers, stylist, directors, sound, grips, it goes on and on. It takes a team.

Is there anything else our readers should know about My Own Worst Enemy?
Besides that it airs on NBC at 10 pm on Mondays starting 10/13, I think that readers might want to know how David Semel, the EP, teaches us all to be green and positive!!! He’s all about being positive and making the world a better place. It really shows through on the show. He and Christian are also big softies!!! Oh…… There’s lots of joking on set and Christian is ticklish.

You are currently appearing on Dirty Sexy Money. Tell us a bit about your character, and why you like playing her.
I play the role of Margaux Darling, daughter of billionaire, almost senator Patrick Darling, played by Billy Baldwin. Margaux is a prep school girl that loves her mommy and daddy and her baby brother too. I like being Margaux because I have fun on the set with Billy and I am interested in what I am going to be up to on the show. You never know…

Why do you think people like to watch Dirty Sexy Money?
Because it has drama and comedy. It’s a bunch of rich people getting into trouble.

What can viewers expect from the show this season?
New stories, more drama and lots of FUN.

For people who may have never seen it before, briefly catch them up. What’s been the story with the show so far?
The Darlings are an extremely rich and powerful family that are always in some kind of trouble. They are nutty but really lovable. My dad, Patrick, is running for Senator and is having troubles with my mom. SPOILER- after tonight’s premiere episode, you know that my mom, Ellen, dies and that my dad is going to have to raise me and my brother alone and run a campaign plus all the other troubles he gets into. My grandma, Latetia is going to be arrested and that there’s going to be a lot of questions to be answered. I had to answer this after the show aired. By the way, episode 2 airs on 10/8, my birthday and I have some neat stuff on that episode.

Can you tell us a bit about the other projects you are working on and the characters you play?
One Wish – feature- I am an angel that grants one wish to Jake, a loving dad the does something heroic. It’s a family story with love and comedy. Forget Me Not – feature – My role is that of young Angela. It’s a really strong role that required lots of different emotions. I am an orphaned character that has a terrible joke played on her. The film is a sci-fi thriller. I Scream Man – feature- I am the younger sister to Haylie Duff, Flannery Stichin. This is a scary movie. I am a bit of a tomboy and a trouble maker. Taxidermist – I’ll be working on this feature with my brother, Remy. This is also a scary movie with lots of unexpected surprises.

What is it like to be part of a family of actors? Is there a lot of pressure?
It’s kinda neat because we all can relate to each other. Sometimes people don’t understand how hard it is to work as an actor. There’s lots of work and rejection. We all share that. We support each other. We even run lines together.

To whom or what do you attribute your success this far?
My family. My daddy died last year and he always taught us not to give up and to believe in yourself. I hope my daddy can see how much we’ve done. My mom, cousin and siblings are all there for me. It takes all of us to make it work. We are really close as a family and I don’t think you can be successful without the love and support of your family.

What goals do you have for yourself as an actress?
I want to be a working actor that improves everyday. I want to learn from everyone around me and be respected as a serious actress. I hope that one day, I can be the reason another little girl wants to become an actress.

Is there anything else about you that you want your fans to know?
Yes, I love their letters and pictures. I hope for everyone that they follow their dreams even when they seem too big or too hard.

Thanks for doing this interview with!
Thank you.