Fan Story!

Tell us your story to be featured on the site! For now there are two types of things we’re looking for. I will create a page for each category on the site and I’ll post your stories for other fans to read and enjoy. Your name will of course be there alongside your story (a nickname if preferred).
Perhaps if many stories are received we can make a “Fan Story of the Week” (both categories) and one story will be each time.

Here you can read already submitted stories!

The two types:

Fan Story (of you meeting Bella)
Have you ever met Bella? At an event, meet&greet, or even just on the street and had a few words with her, perhaps a picture? Tell us your story! Start by telling where you met her and when, and then your experience. Can’t wait to read your stories!
– If you want to include a picture, you can link to it if it’s online or you can write +picture at the bottom of the page, and when I reply you can send the picture in another reply. Or you can simply send it along with your story to with the title “Fan Story”

Why you are a fan
We all know Bella is an amazing person and character, there are so many great things about her!! But what makes you a fan of Bella? Is is her personality, her acting, her style, her kindness…perhaps all of those and lots more? Write about why you are a fan of Bella and share with other fans!

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