Fan Stories

Some fans have written stories to us. There are two categories, the first is of lucky fans who have met Bella and wanted to share the experience with us! The other one is where fans tell us why they are fans, we all love Bella, but sometimes for different reasons, maybe it’s her acting, personality, her style, the way she treats her fans, there are so many great things about her, so check out those fan stories.
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Here are some stories from lucky fans who have had the chance to see or meet Bella in person, whether it was at a public event, Meet&Greet or just randomly running into her.

By: Bela
Location: Big Bear

Hi my name is bela and I am 10 years old I am in big bear and saw Bella thorne in a Italian restaurant by the big bear village. I was with my family and softball Freinds family also. We saw here and we couldn’t believe it. We took a pic with her at the restaurant and it was macical.We were eating at the same place out of all of the places she was there!!!!!

By: Bernadette
Location: Mall in Sandusky

The Date was March 12th 2012. Bella Thorne was at the Mall in Sandusky. The mall was full of her fans. I watched her on stage while she was giving out her autograph to all the fans. I thought to myself there is this amazing girl I watch on Disney Channel all the time. I love her and the show Shake it up, It was so cool seeing her. I remember texting my mom and saying I see her I see her!! Sadly if I wanted to see her I had to go to the end of the line which was all around the mall. I waited three and a half hours to see her. I remember getting upset cause all these people were saying that she left but I didn’t listen. I stayed in line all that time and it was worth it because I finally got a picture of her with her autograph on it. I also took pictures of her. Sadly I did not get a picture with her so I got a picture by a sign with her on it and I was holding my autograph picture of her. Even though it was a lot of waiting It was a really great day. I love Bella so much and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!!

By: Abbie, England
Location: London

I met Bella on May 19th 2012. It was when she came to London with Zendaya.
I remember that I was really worried that I wouldn’t meet her because they were only doing an hour of meet and greets before they headed off to Germany.
So me and my friend Grace got up, and we left my house at 8am. We arrived at ASDA where they were doing the meet and greet at about 9:15am and we were really close to the front.
At about 10 I met bella and me and grace took a magazine that her and Z hadn’t seen before, so we got to stay for about 5 minutes while they flicked through. So we got our mag signed and a photo taken on my phone, we hugged goodbye and just as I was leaving, she called me back and got her mum to take a photo of us on Bella’s phone.
So I walked away and me and my new friends went to the private car park to see if we could catch them again before they left. Unfortunately, we couldn’t. But we did see a big black van drive past the entrance, so we think that was them.
Later that day, bella posted the photo that Tamara took on Instagram and she tweeted me.

By: Madison Jones, Arkansas
Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Well i was walking around the Hollywood Boulevard with my friend Nash Grier (you may have heard of him). And we noticed a girl who was by a speaker dancing to “Single Ladies by Beyonce”. And we started laughing. Bella looked at us and then suddenly stopped. She was giggling. Then she came over and took a picture with us and started dancing again.

Here are some texts from many of Bella’s fans, writing about why they are fans, what they love about Bella and what an inspiration she is, also how they became aware of her, whether it was when Bella was in Shake it Up, or before that.

By: Shante, USA
I’m Bella thrones fan beacause she is a pretty and warm hearted actress ever since I saw her on shake it up she inspired me to follow my dreams she has many things in common with me but that’s not the only reason she’s really talented never gives up and is unique in her own way she is always true loyal and she always
herself she loves pretty little liars I watch it with my 18 year old sisters although I’m 9 years old I believe she is special if you don’t like her please take a closer she tries to be the best she can be

By: Deborah
I`m such a big fan of Bella! She is kind and caring. She was also awesome on shake it up. She is such a role model.Your awesome Bella!
Your Biggest Fan!

By: Ashley, from Puerto Rico lives in the U.S.
The reason I’m a fan is because I watch all episodes of Shake it up and music videos. But the only thing I would love is to meet Bella Thorne in person. I’d really love that and have an autograph from her!

By: Joey see
I am a big fan of Bella since I started watching Shake it up. I was like wow Bella Thorne is a really amazing dancer. I really love dancing and singing I feel like I was Bella Thorne on stage performing. I like Bella’s style too, my style is swaggy,edgy,rebel style. My dream is being a Pop star like Bella Thorne she is really my inspiration for chasing my dream. I love you Bella and I will always be your 1# fan!

By: Megija, Latvia
I never meet Bella in life. I really want meet Bella Thorne, because I am her fan. I fellow all Bella’s news. I am happy for her. <3 when Bella have website I read all what she write. That sad but now she dont have anymore. If I fly in America then I will try meet Bella. She is the best. I like her dance move in Shake it up. Sad but serial is over. Love you Bella Thorne.

By: Maria, England
Bella Thorne, is my idol I love her and I guess I will never have the chance to meet her because I live in the UK (England) 🙁
But up until now I watch all of the shake it up episodes and all her movies like frenemies
To be Honest I could go one about her forever…
I hope I do get a chance to meet her
but until then I will just have to admire her on the TV or internet.
Maria, aged 13, England

By: Elena Elle
I’m Bellas fan because she is one of the most kidness persons I ever met.She’ve been everything to me, I’ve been learning from her 4 years and I want to countiue that.Bella is so wonderful.For me, words just can’t describe her, more & more words for her becomes one word and that word is “KIND”.I always wanted to meet her, but if I don’t meet her or get a follow from her on Twitter, I’ll never EVER give up on that! My dreams is to get to talk with Bella, to get to know how exciting is acting and singing because I wanna be a singer or a actress when I turn 20 years old, I also wanna ask her for some advice because I have not parents there to support me even if my family has been there for me.I love my queen Bella so much that words just can’t describe any feeling from me to her! ♥ ♥ ♥

By: Samina14
The first time I saw shake it up I was absolutely amazed,I mean you and zendaya are like,so beautifull and awesome singers!oh how I wish I could meet you I have never ever met a superstar before,and I want to meet. You.My mum will never have money for tickets,my aunts is too busy for me and my is not even my dad.
So all i want to do this year is meet you Bella.

By: Monica Thorne, Ireland
My name is Monica Thorne. I am eleven years old and live in Ireland. When I say that my name is Monica Thorne, I am not kidding. I just am not sure whether Bella Thorne and I are related. My Dad’d Grandad had lots of sibling, some who moved to the USA so that is why we could be related. I think that Bella Thorne is a very good actress but I would not like to be one. Maybe in a couple of movies, though. That is really it from me so good bye:-)
ps: I have a cat coinsidently called Ella.

By: Nina Varganov, Aurora, IL (a suburb near Chicago.)
I am a fan because Bella is very inspiring. She has done a lot at a young age, including acting, modeling, singing, and now adding author and prom dress designer as well! She does all this on top of dyslexia, and had her father pass away at a young age. Bella makes me truly believe you can do anything, If you really set your mind to it, and I’m proud to be a fan.

By: charley
Bella is so inspiring. Her clothes, her songs everything about her! I live in UK so I wont be able to see her sadly. I started liking her when I began to watch shake it up. My reaction was ‘who is this girl with the ginger hair?’ I looked her up and instantly loved her. Every time I heard a song y her I got up and danced. Now If I see her I freak! I sent an email to Zendaya recently too.
Love your #1 fan forever charley

By: nabii, Argentina
Bella i love you,i love you music!! ♥ Kisses for Argentina ! ♥♥!!

By: Nikola, Czech Republic
HELLO! I´m from Czech Republic and I´m very big fan of Bella Thorne.I hope you do not mint that I am from Czech Republic.Fan of Bella Thorne am because Bella is an amazing actress and singer.The fact that she is 16 years old is very mature …. just different than ostatní.Has big character and we can appreciate in her.Too is very beautifful.I really like how Bella plays in the Shake It Up.Nicely there dancing.Bella is definitely a very goos person and I like her very much.

By: Lizzie, Greece
She inspires me.She gives me hopes for my dreams because after all she’s been through,she didnt give up,she managed to succeed where she wanted to,and that is what im trying to do too.I feel we know each other.I wish we could be friends but she lives in the other side of the world and probably i will never meet her,but
NEVER SAY NEVER <3 By: Ania, Poland
My name is Ania. I’m 12, I live in Poland. Is is her personality, her acting, her style, her kindness…I Love Bella! I’m fan.

By: Emily Richardson, Maryland
I’m a fan of Bella’s because I like her style and she inspires me to become a great singer! I <3 u bella! By: Samantha Phetvixay, San Diego, Ca
I’m a fan of Bella Thorne because she’s supper dupper gorgeous and her dancing, acting, and singing is on point. I want to be like her. Bella inspired me the most because of her acting and singing, and singing and acting is my thing. She’s my role model every thing about Bella is so cool, I love the way she dresses especially in ShakeItUp & Freniemies. I love you so much! So yeah that’s why i’m your fan. <33333333333 By: Makayla, Saratoga
I am a fan because when I was little I would watch all of her shows movies and all the things she said she liked. When I 9 I would dance to all of her songs and watch shake it up. I watched it so much that I know almost all of the dances on there show I love you bella!!!!!! I ❤️Bella Thorne