Team Pebbles Campaign – Team Cocoa

Post Pebbles announced two new team captains! Bella is the team leader of Team Cocoa while Shaquille O’Neal leads Team Fruity! Bella will be on the box of Cocoa Pebbles, and by joining Team Cocoa you can have a chance to win a weekend with Bella!!! Check out the images in the gallery, of the box and behind the scenes images, I also added some screenshots from the website. Check out more into here!
And click here to go to TeamPebbles.Com to join a team!
Right now, Team Fruity is in the lead, lets help Bella’s team, Team Cocoa!! 🙂

– 010 x Behind the Scenes
– 003 x Site screenshots
– 001 x Box

Behind the Scenes video:

And here you can find two TV spots!

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