Tamara’s Instagram photos

I decided to add the instagram photos of Bella from her mom’s Instagram (tamarasthorne). Tamara goes with Bella pretty much everywhere so there are plenty of images! I’m going to work on adding the captions to the images, you can see them when you click on the bigger image, but not under the thumbnail.
I added images down to October 2012, or when Bella’s mom started her instagram page.
Be sure to take a look at those images, if you haven’t seen them on Tamara’s Instagram before, and be sure to check out her instagram as well!

– 080 x 2012 > By Tamara Thorne (tamarasthorne)
– 176 x 2013 > By Tamara Thorne (tamarasthorne)
– 033 x 2014 > By Tamara Thorne (tamarasthorne)

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