New movie: Shovel Buddies

Some days ago it was announced that Bella has landed a role in a new movie (that she’s currently filming), AwesomenessTV’s Shovel Buddies. Below is an article from Tubefilter announcing the casting. And the official storyline from IMDB is the following:
– A group of friends attempt to successfully complete a list of tasks assigned to them as the “Shovel List” by their dead friend.

Among other projects, the multi-channel network and digital media studio’s upcoming feature film pipeline includes a coming-of-age story called Shovel Buddies, which was revealed in March. Two months later, Shovel Buddies now has a principal cast: AwesomenessTV announced that Kian Lawley, Bella Thorne, and Alex Neustaedter will portray the film’s three main characters.

Lawley, Thorne, and Neustaedter will star as three friends of Sammy, a teenager who dies of leukemia. After finding a note from Sammy specifying how he would like to be buried, the three teens set off on an adventure to grant their friend’s last wish. The film’s screenplay, written by Jason Hellerman, appeared on the 2013 edition of the Black List, which notes the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood.

SOURCE Tubefilter

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