Interview – Busy Making Movies And Saving Lives

A new interview by MTV act. “Bella Thorne Is Super Busy Making Movies And Saving Lives”. Check it out here or read it below

Bella Thorne is such a breath of fresh air! While many young starlets get caught up in the darker side of Hollywood, Bella is pushing far beyond that. While she may have stepped away from playing the role of CeCe in Disney’s “Shake It Up”, she is staying super busy these days, and definitely has a bright future to come.
We had a chance to catch up with Bella to talk about the Thirst Project, her passionate causes, and even her new movie with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, “Blended.”
MTV Act: First things first. We know you have a “dirty secret.” Can you discuss it?
Bella: My secret is one the world needs to know…nearly a billion people a year die from unsafe drinking water.
MTV Act: Why is the Thirst Project an important cause to you?
Bella: The campaign is important to me because I believe in the fundamental right for every human being to have the basics in life starting with clean water.
MTV Act: You are involved with so many causes from adopting animals to standing up to bullies. What advice can you give to your fans who don’t know which cause to support?
Bella: I think that everyone has the power to make a change in the world. We can do this by taking up causes that are important to us or in some way impacts our own lives. Everyone suffers some injustice in life and what better motivation than to help others not suffer in the same way.
MTV Act: How did you figure out which causes you are passionate about?
Bella: Each cause that I am involved with impacts me personally. The Thirst Project is slightly different as I am not in an unfortunate circumstance where I don’t have access to clean water, but to see people dying of thirst and diseases from unclean water broke my heart. I knew I had to be involved.
MTV Act: What has been the best advice you have ever received from another celebrity?
Bella: I think the best advice came from Drew Barrymore, about always finding love in everything you do and keeping a positive attitude and being thankful.
MTV Act: Congratulations on your role in “Blended”! What is it like working with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore?
Bella: I couldn’t have been more blessed to work with such positive, kind and funny stars. They are humble and hard working, very family orientated.
MTV Act: What surprised you the most about Africa during filming? Do you want to go back?
Bella: I would like to go back to Africa on a humanitarian trip. I visited an orphanage while I was there and it is my strongest and most impactful memory. I was surprised that it was cold while we were shooting. My ignorance on the climate taught me a valuable lesson to check the weather everywhere before leaving on a trip!
MTV Act: When you’re having a bad day, what’s your g-to thing to turn it all around?
Bella: My go to thing when I am having a rough day is to talk to my fans on social media while listening to music and snuggling with my pets, Kingston and Louis V.
MTV Act: Congrats on being a Candie’s girl! How do you feel about following in the footsteps of previous Candie’s girls such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Lea Michele, and Britney Spears?
Bella: It is a little intimidating to be honest. Those gals are iconic and I hope that I can have such a great and long lasting career. I was overwhelmed and in shock when I found out they chose me. I couldn’t fall asleep with all the excitement.
MTV Act: Last question: If you and Zendaya were going to sing a song for karaoke what would it be and why?
Bella: We would sing “Look At Me Now” it’s our jam.


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