Happy Birthday Bella!

Today is Bella’s 12th birthday! We would like to wish her a happy birthday and we hope she’ll have a wonderful day with her friends and family.
The birthday project you sent messages for was sent to Bella a few days ago and she should receive it soon.

3 thoughts to “Happy Birthday Bella!”

  1. Hi Bella!
    Yesterday was your meets but congratulations for the third time.
    I’m a girl from Spain, I am 15 years old and am a fan of yours and I have all my computer full of pictures of you, I see all your fan-videos, your movies, your series … I hope it will go very well yesterday on your birthday!
    You are an amazing and beautiful person. Secure your future will be great.
    Well, do not bother plus a kiss from a fan who likes you:
    Rebecca Annabelle.

  2. Hello Bella! I’am Spanish, but I fan you *w* Hahaha Sorry… My english dont good :S Hahaha I’am 14 years old, and I have pictures of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! yoou are very very famous in Spain!


  3. Hello Belll! A lot of congratulations from Spain! Here you have many fans! We hope that you come to Spain and that you answer these messages xD I Hope that they do many gifts to you this day genialoso! Well, now I have to do my duties(homework)! Hahaha Bye-bye Bella! Kisses, Vicky (Spain)

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