Happy 2016!!!

Hey everyone, yet another year has passed and this one was a remarkable one for our girl Bella.

In putting 2015 into our memories as a year gone by, I decided to do a page with the highlights of the year for Bella, at least career wise. So much happened, from Bella publishing her second book, to having 3 movies released and 5 new movie roles announcements along with a series coming up. Cover star of multiple magazines, guest appearances on several shows and talk shows, press for her movies and presenting at awards and winning awards. Along with this she was the spokesperson for FindYourPark, star of a campaign with MissMe and more!

Check out the highlights HERE

All this in one year is simply astounding. And with all the new projects coming up I’m sure 2016 won’t be any less amazing.

Hope everyone will have a fantastic time celebrating the coming of a new year and wishing everyone a very happy 2016!

We here at BellaThorneOnline are looking forward to being here with you in 2016 and we appreciate everyone visiting the site and making it even better with your support.

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