Hey, Bella Fans! Sorry for the absence, both Elisa and I have been sick and busy. There are more updates to come, but first here are some Bella videos!

Bella at the Whip It Premiere

Bella Interviewed by Emerging Magazine

Bella on set at Raspberry Magic

Zuri Video – HQ!

Thanks to the absolutely WONDERFUL Lindsay at Zuri, we have the HQ version of their welcome video, which features Bella! Thanks so much, Lindsay!
This version of the video is exclusive to us – please do not repost it without permission. If you’d like to use clips from the video for a fan video, or something, feel free to ask and we’ll send you the clip(s) you need!

Love, The BTO Staff!

New Video

Here’s a video of Bella at the Summer Spectacular! We’re in the process of finding photos.

Bella talks about her roles in Corpse, Big Love and Under The Influence/American Influence. She begins filming Big Love on Tuesday! Good luck, Bella. We love you!

Also, don’t forget to send your birthday wishes to Bella at !

Gallery and Video update

We have added 10 Magazin Scans to the gallery, they’re not in a new magazine though, but we might be getting new ones soon. So be sure to check these out, Bella is so cute!

10 x Magazine Scans

Also thanks to Anna we have got the first 2 webisodes of Little Monk on our youtube account, featuring Bella as Wendy. It’s the only place you can see it I think if you don’t live in USA so enjoy ;D
And we have got the third part of the Film Festival Radio up too.

Bella’s Radio Interview

Hello, Bella Fans! Anna here.  Bella did a radio interview this morning, here are 2/3 parts of it.  The third part will be up soon.

I got a chance to chat with Bella which was SO FUN.  She is the most talented, sweet and down to earth girl I’ve ever chatted with!

Part One:

Part Two, I start talking at around 5:50;

Part 3 will be up soon!