Rising Star Alert: Bella Thorne!

Popstar! is always on the look-out for new stars—that’s why we couldn’t resist hanging out with up-and-comer Bella Thorne!

Bella’s currently got a role on HBO’s Big Love but she’s also in the process of filming a pilot for Disney Channel called Dance Dance Chicago!

We’ll keep you updated on the status of her show but for now—meet Bella! (For more vids from the pretty and funny star, head over to our YouTube!)


Here are the videos posted on the site, but as noted above check their youtube account, there are 3 more videos there.

“Dear John” LA premiere

Bella attended the LA premiere of “Dear John” yesterday to support Amanda Seyfried, her co-star on Big Love. I added 24 images to the gallery but more will be added soon, 8 of those are in HQ. Bella met a lot of great people, including Kellan Lutz, Catherine Hardwicke and Haylie Duff, we have got images of her with them in our gallery. There are 3 pics exclusive to BTO, do not repost them anywhere.

– 024 x “Dear John” – LA premiere

There is also an interview with Bella by MaximoTV. She talks about Dance, Dance Chicago.