“Good Day New York” And “Fox & Friends”

Today, April 2nd, has been a super busy day for Bella, she had three talk show appearances and an event. Starting with two of the talk shows.
Bella was at Good Day New York and Fox & Friends, I added stills from both shows, along with Bella arriving. You can take a look at these in the gallery!

– 055 x [April 2] Good Day New York – stills

– 012 x [April 2] Fox & Friends – stills

– 098 x Visiting Fox&Friends and Good Day New York – April 2, 2015

Bella on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

On February 24th, Bella had an apperance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Really cute interview, you can see a couple of clips from it below, I haven’t found stills from it yet but hope to find some. But I added screencaptures to the gallery you can take a look at. Also my friend Celin added images of Bella arriving.

– 103 x Arriving at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” – February 24, 2015

– 148 x [Feb 24] Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Screencaps

The Show With Vinny (July 2013)!

So in July 2013, Bella went to the television show on MTV called “The Show with Vinny” I only saw now that there is a recap of the show, available to I think everyone, no matter where they live, and it’s fun and interesting to watch. Although it’s 8 months old, I decided to post this as I hadn’t seen the video, so I’m sure many others haven’t either. So you can watch the recap below. Also if you want to see the photos of Bella in the gallery that were posted in July, click here
In the video Bella starts at about 3:30 minutes in.

The full episode is available on the MTV site, but I think it’s only possible to watch it if you’re in the USA, so if you are, Click here!