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    April 17th, 2017

    We’ve finally given the site a fresh look after having the previous layout for 2 years almost. We thought it would be fun to put it up right before Famous in Love airs, which happens to be tomorrow! We cannot wait to watch it and we are sure you feel the same. This design is

    December 31st, 2015

    Hey everyone, yet another year has passed and this one was a remarkable one for our girl Bella. In putting 2015 into our memories as a year gone by, I decided to do a page with the highlights of the year for Bella, at least career wise. So much happened, from Bella publishing her second

    November 13th, 2014

    We are so sorry for the lack of updates around here, but there are reasons for it. And now we would like to seek your help, if you’d like to help out here on BTO, help us post new images, articles, interviews, news, anything Bella related. If you’d like to help make some new content

    August 8th, 2014

    The image gallery has gotten a brand new (in my opinion) fantastic theme! I love it a lot and I truly hope you do as well! It was designed and coded by Claudiu, using images from Bella’s photoshoot for Seventeen Magazine. Hope you love the new look, I don’t know how long the previous layout

    May 16th, 2014

    Today I added a complete (I think) lyrics archive with lyrics from all of Bella’s songs so far, also the new one “Call it Whatever”! I think I haven’t forgotten any song, but if you notice some missing song you can let me know through twitter @BThorneOnline or email bellathorneonline[at]yahoo.com I worked really hard on

    January 1st, 2014

    I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope everyone had a great time last night! We hope everone will have a great year! It sure will be a great year for Bella and her fans! With 4 movies coming out, Blended, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad

    November 21st, 2013

    I guess if you have been to the image gallery in the past day you have noticed that it has got a brand new layout! It is quite different from the previous one because it is dark and it looks quite different having a dark layout but I think it looks great and I love

    August 15th, 2013

    I’m sure you have noticed that one the site we now have a brand new layout after having the other one up for over 8 months. I think it looks really great, it is very different from all of our former layouts. This one is made by Claudiu, using the image of Bella for Teen

    January 12th, 2013

    As you can see, the site has gotten a brand new layout, it’s not Christmas anylonger, I meant to change it sooner but was unable to find time to code the new layout. It is not exactly fully coded, there are some problems still, but I couldn’t have it Christmas longer. It features the new

    January 1st, 2013

    It’s first of January, can’t believe how fast the year went by! Happy new year everyone and I wish everyone will have an amazing 2013! Do everything you want to do, make your wishes come true! Believe in yourself, try, even though you think you won’t be able to do it, you never know what

    Random Bella Quote

    I personally don’t think you can love two things like dancing and singing the same exact amount. There is always one that you like more, and that is most likely the one that you’re better at, because you try harder in it.

    Current Projects

    Famous in Love
    as Paige Townsen / August Roch
    Season 1
    On: Freeform
    Airs: April 18, 2017
    Official Site | Wikia | IMDB | Images Midnight Sun
    as Katie
    Realease Date:March 23, 2018
    Official Site | IMDB | Images Assassination Nation
    as Reagan
    Realease Date:January 21, 2017 (Sundance)
    Official Site | IMDB | Images Break My Heart 1000 Times
    as Veronica Calder
    Realease Date:October 2018
    Official Site | IMDB | Images The Death and Life of John F. Donovan
    as Jeanette
    Realease Date:2018
    Official Site | IMDB | Images EXO
    as Unknown
    Realease Date: Unknown
    Official Site | IMDB | Images Ride
    as Jessica
    Realease Date: Unknown
    Official Site | IMDB | Images

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