Guess what! Bella is turning 18 years old today. Happy Birthday! I really can’t believe how fast she has grown up. From that sweet girl rocking Disney’s “Shake it up!” to a young and beautiful woman, who is confident in fashion, an amazing actress and an inspiration for so many people all around the world. Bella, you can be really proud of yourself and enjoy your day!

Fifth Annual ‘Staples for Students’ National School Supply Drive Gives Kids in Need a Back-to-School

Fifth Annual ‘Staples for Students’ National School Supply Drive Gives Kids in Need a Back-to-School Boost
Bella Thorne, DoSomething.org and Staples Unite to Make a Difference

NEW YORK & FRAMINGHAM, Mass. Teen actress and recording artist Bella Thorne teamed up for the 5th annual Staples for Students national school supply drive with Staples and DoSomething.org this summer to help thousands of kids in need. The campaign resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in school supplies going to students across the country.

Bella Thorne encouraged teens to make a difference by collecting supplies and helped raise awareness through a public service announcement and her social media channels. Most recently, Bella surprised children at the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles with hundreds of bags of school supplies.

“It’s been amazing to be a part of the Staples for Students program to rally my fellow teens to go out and get involved”

“As a student, I know how important it is to be prepared for the school year, so a huge thank you to all of the teens who participated!”

Additional star power gave the Staples for Students campaign a big boost this summer. Teen celebrities lined the red carpet to stuff gift bags full of supplies at a Teen Choice Awards post-party hosted by Bella. Mike Aviles of the Boston Red Sox and Jake Peavy of the Chicago White Sox also pitched in by taking children from local Boys & Girls Clubs on back-to-school shopping sprees.
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Bella wants Harry Style on Shake It Up!

Bella Thorne wants Harry Styles to appear in her and Zendaya Coleman’s ‘Shake It Up’ series.

The 14-year-old star plays CeCe Jones in the original Disney series alongside Zendaya (Rocky Blue), and they would love to see the 18-year-old One Direction singer and his bandmates – Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne – follow in the footsteps of Tyra Banks and Cat Deeley by appearing in the sitcom. Bella exclusively told BANG Showbiz:

‘I think One Direction. I love Harry Styles and I love all of them, I think they’re all super awesome. I think all girls that I know love them, they’re all kissing Harry Styles posters.’

The Disney singer stars – whose ‘Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance’ music album is out now – count the late Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles as their biggest influences, and they are particularly in awe of how the former Destiny’s Child star has risen to fame ‘with such grace’. Zendaya added:

‘For me my main influence is definitely Michael Jackson. I love Michael Jackson, because he’s Michael Jackson – how much more iconic and legendary can you get? And then Beyonce because she’s truly talented in every aspect of entertainment and she’s done it with such grace and poise, that’s not easy to do.’

Source: monstersandcritics.com

Happy 14th Birthday Bella!!!

Can you believe another year has gone by!? Bella turned 14 years old today and celebrated in Disneyland with her friends and family! I would like to wish her the best birthday ever!
btw. sorry for lack of updates around here, it has been to most busy week for me in a long time, I know there are new pics, I’ll get around to updating soon.

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