Fanlala’s Exclusive Interview with Bella Thorne

This weekend, IM5 and Bella Thorne performed a live, FREE show at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles. The music was loud and the crowd was huge! It was a night that we’ll never forget, and the best part? We got to chat with all of the performers before the show!

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Bella. She was super excited to be performing for her crowds of fans, and we loved seeing her up on stage with IM5. So what did the ‘Shake It Up’ star have to say about Friday’s event and her upcoming projects?

Fanlala: This event is wrapping up the summer, tell us about what’s happening at CityWalk!

Bella Thorne: I go to CityWalk all the time with my friends, I love coming here. And I’m always thinking “I wonder if I could perform on stage.” And tonight I get to, this is awesome. It’s my first time on the CityWalk stage. I get to do my song with IM5, and it’s just really sweet. The band themselves are just really sweet.

F: What do you like most about performing with IM5?

BT: I’m always working on my voice, practicing behind-the-scenes on singing. And every time I nail it, they’re just like “YES Bella! Yeah!” They really encourage me big time when I go onstage, and that really helps. This is our second time performing together, and I really like working with them.

F: What was it like going on stage with IM5 after the Teen Choice Awards?

BT: That was super cool, and I had all my friends there. And that’s what really helped during that set. I was glad to have their support, and in the end support is what you really need.

F: Earlier this week, we saw you in studio. Are there any upcoming songs that you can tell your fans about?

BT: I’m really excited. I recorded a Christmas song, I recorded another song, also. I’m also talking to a record company, so I really like that. You guys, there are a lot of things coming.

F: After the huge success of ‘Made In Japan,’ we want to know what’s in store for ‘Shake It Up’ in the future.

BT: This season is pretty awesome, I learned so much about my family, and I’m really close to my family, we’re really close-knit. To be part of a show that’s made for families is really good for me.

This season you guys can expect some huge changes. It’s really gonna shock everyone. And we know our fans are just gonna be like “What?? What?!” but in a really good way. We’re going to have really relatable situations, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the next season.

F: We know you’re actually an ambassador for Disney Channel’s Friends for Change, what have you been working on with them lately?

BT: We’re very much into anti-bullying and the anti-bullying campaign. I enjoying being a part of the cause, and really getting the word out. Standing up against bullying is my expertise, and it’s something that’s very near and dear to me.


Bella Thorne Talks Fame, Friends and ‘Shake It Up’

At just 14 years old, Bella Thorne — the fiery-haired actress who stars as CeCe Jones on Disney Channel’s “Shake it Up!” — has already had the career of a seasoned show biz pro. The Florida native got an early start in show business, booking her first modeling gigs at just four years old and appearing in dozens of commercials through her childhood before working her way up to TV stardom. And it’s only up from here — the Disney favorite has captivated a loyal fan base (“Bellarinas,” as they call themselves) who will follow the star wherever her burgeoning career takes her. Recently, Bella stopped by the Huffington Post offices in New York to dish on her Cuban roots, why she loves boyfriend Tristan Klier, and how she stays true to herself.

Anne: You and Zendaya play best friends on the Disney show “Shake it Up!” Are you best friends in real life? What kind of stuff do you do on set?

Bella: Yeah, but we’re more like brothers… because when you say, “You’re like sisters” it could mean you have those catty fights and we don’t have any of that. We like to wrestle and just like to mess around. And we do funny things onset. There was this time where I was looking back at Zendaya and Adam [Irigoyen]… and we were laughing and I turned and hit the wall. I walked straight, flat into a wall! They were laughing so hard!

You and your BF Tristan Klier are so cute. What is the most romantic thing he has ever done for you?

Well, there is stuff that he does daily. I would be like “Tristan! What is taking you so long?” and he would show up with flowers that he picked out of the gardens around Notre Dame [High School]. Or one time, I had to get my hair done, so he walked from his school to my house so that he could see me. He was hanging out with my brother playing video games. And I came back and we went to dinner. Then I came back that night to take a shower… and there’s a message on my mirror in paint that says, “I love you and I’m glad I got to see you today.”

So you learn your lines by having your mom read them to you?

Well, not anymore, because we have “table read” where we all sit down at a table and read scripts… Sometimes when I’m in the middle of table read I will [say], “Can somebody tell me this word?” and it’s a word that I’ve learned before, but at that minute [the letters] switched. So dyslexia can still be a little difficult, but… you just have to look at it as a good thing. I’ve worked so much harder at everything that I want to accomplish in life, and it just feels a lot better when I get there.

Do you think you’re a role model to your fans?

Not really. I know that some girls look up to me for certain things, like dyslexia, and that way I know that they like me for me, so it adds no pressure. I don’t have to try to be perfect because I know that my fans like me for who I am. They like me because I am weird, and kind of funky, but still really calm. But I think that I never really have to worry about any of that stuff… because [my fans] like me for who I am.

You turn 15 in October. What do you think will be the best thing about being 15?

I think for Latin people it’s getting your quinceañera. For me that’s really special because my dad used to call me his “Cuban princess.” This is because when my siblings were born they were born very Anglo… My sister came out as a redhead and didn’t look Latin at all. And then I came out with black hair and my bone structure is very Latin… if we were to take away my red hair and my pale skin you would see that I am mixed with something. My dad would call me his Cuban princess because I had really dark olive skin because I was always in the sun; but I don’t really go in the sun anymore, so that is why I am so white.

Where did you learn to dance so well?

I learned at Millenium [Dance Studio]. There were six months between the pilot and the series, and in those six months I took three dance classes every night — because I knew that when I was dancing with Zendaya and those amazing dancers that I just felt… like I just didn’t belong there. But that is the show that I’m on, so I learned how to dance and I love it.

Do you have any advice to kids aspiring to be a dancer and singer like you?

Anything you do, it has to be a number one. I personally don’t think you can love two things like dancing and singing the same exact amount. There is always one that you like more, and that is most likely the one that you’re better at, because you try harder in it. For me, I always try my hardest at acting because I know that acting will be my number-one love. You have to ask yourself, “Is this my number one?” You do have to deal with rejection… because it’s a really big thing in acting … so you have to make sure you have that passion for it that will keep you going.

What are three things that no one knows about you?

I am obsessed with spicy food — I eat spicy on everything. One time when I was nine I ate eight cups of jalapenos straight. I am obsessed with flossing. Dental hygiene is so big for me. I floss for like one to two hours. I am obsessed with cats. I love cats. When I’m older I want to build a cat shelter in my back yard… where people can volunteer to groom them and play with them.

We all have someone to keep us grounded. Who makes sure that you stay true to who you really are?

Me. I know who I will always be. I have stuck to that person. I have made some changes here and there in personality and attitude just from being around different people, but I know that I’m still my dad’s Cuban princess.

What is It Like to Grow Up in Hollywood

Another recent interview this time by Glamour

Glamour: What’s been the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do with your friends and family since making it big in Hollywood?
Bella Thorne: I think my guided tours through Disneyland and Disney World was pretty special. I grew up going to Disney World and waited in lines for hours for the rides. The fact that now I’m able to get a personal guide through the park and skip the lines is a dream come true! I always go with my family to Disney so I’d have to say, it’s pretty special to them, as well.

Glamour: Do you get noticed while walking around now? What’s that like?
Bella Thorne: I get noticed all the time. It’s really cool to hear what fans think of the show or when they share their personal experiences with dyslexia, which I get a lot. I’m always so happy to meet new people and I also love when the younger fans give me big hugs… they’e so genuine.

Glamour: Is there an actor who you’d love to work with?
Bella Thorne: I’ve met many celebrities, and it’s pretty cool that their kids are fans of the show. I’d love to work with Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, and Natalie Portman.

Glamour: Do you hang out with other actors or childhood friends?
Bella Thorne: Besides my co-star Zendaya, I don’t hang out with other actors that much… I prefer to hang out with kids that I know who are in high school and just do stuff outside the business. We do lots of outdoor activities and also some of the charity work that I’m involved with. It’s nice to know that they are conscientious of the world around them and want to make a difference in their community. We share those same goals.

Glamour: What do you do in your spare time?
Bella Thorne: In my spare time, I like to get away from the Hollywood scene. I’m involved with The Nomad Organization, the Humane Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and am a Youth Ambassador for, and I also like to spend my time with friends and go to their sports events. Or just do teen stuff like going to the mall, movies, bowling, and get my nails done. I’d have to say though, I’m really into sporting events, so that’s probably what I like to do the most.

Glamour: It’s a few years away, but is attending your high school prom important to you?
Bella Thorne: Absolutely! One of my best experiences was going to my friend’s winter formal. I had the best time, and I really want to have that prom experience. I love doing school activities because it reminds me that I’m still me. I’m a regular girl just like everyone else.

Glamour: Where do you see yourself in five years? 10 years?
Bella Thorne: In five years, I see myself at USC and getting the opportunity to experience college life. I’m not sure yet what I’ll study… I have several things that I’m interested in. In 10 years, I think that I’ll be performing around the world and hopefully have my own fashion line! I’d also like to believe that I’ll have made a big difference in my community and have amazing stories to share with my kids one day.

How cute is she? Check out more from Bella in Shake It Up: Made in Japan, tonight at 8pm ET/PT on the Disney channel.


Bella’s Relationship Secrets

Seventeen Magazine has posted a new interview with Bella about relationships!

The Shake It Up star can’t resist gushing about her boyfriend! She spills all about their relationship to Seventeen.

17: You guys are so cute together! What are some sweet things he’s done for you?
BT: Tristan likes to write on my mirror or hide a sweet note for me to find later, like in a book I use for school. Then, later when I’m sitting in class, I’ll open the book and find the note he gave me.

17: What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for him?
BT: His baseball number is 44, so I wrote a list called “44 Reasons Why I Love You.” I made it using see-through paper with roses on it. It looked like a scroll with ribbon tied around it. That was a big step in our relationship for me.

17: Is it weird for you that your boyfriend is friends with your brother?
BT: No, because they weren’t friends before. I’ve never dated one of my brother’s friends, but he loves to date mine! But my boyfriend hangs out with my brother all the time now. They play Mind Craft together for hours!

17: You and Zendaya have been best friends for a while now. What are some of your favorite memories as friends?
BT: Zendaya and I make a new favorite friendship memory every single day. Even our handshakes are based off of memories! But more than anything, I love traveling with Zendaya. It gives us the chance to talk for hours. We watch funny videos on my computer, talk, and laugh so hard.

17: You’ll both be in Shake It Up: Made In Japan, which airs August 17. What is it about?
BT: In the movie, our characters win a dance competition to go to Japan and make a video game. My character is all about the stardom aspect of it, but Zendaya’s character wants to experience Japanese culture and tour famous places. It creates a bit of a problem between us. We also don’t just dance in the movie, we sing too! It’s something we’ve never done before which is pretty exciting.

17: You and Zendaya are together so much! Do you ever get sick of each other?
BT: I don’t think we can get sick of each other. At times I can be a little annoying and Zendaya can be a little annoying, but it’s in a cute, loveable way. Even when I’m being annoying, I know Zendaya still loves me.

17: Do you have any tips for girls who feel like they are growing apart from a friend?
BT: Personally, I like to talk things out when I’m having a problem with a friend or in a situation like that. The best thing to do is talk together about how you can rebuild your friendship.
Check out Bella in Shake It Up: Made In Japan, which airs TONIGHT on the Disney Channel!


Bella Talks Fashion & Reveals Her Style Crush

New interview with Bella by

Bella Thorne may be young (she turns 15 in October!), but this Disney star has some serious style. Having just wrapped her Shake It Up music video for the song (appropriately titled) “Fashion is my Kryptonite,” we caught up with the Cuban beauty to get her take on Cat Deeley, her fashion evolution and her style crush.

How was it working with Cat Deeley on your new music video?
“She’s really sweet! She lights up the room. She’s very high-energy and she’s nice to everybody: the camera men, the wardrobe department… she just walks in with a bubbly personality.”

Who is your number one style crush?
“Besides Cat Deeley, I really like Emma Watson. She really does it for me – this dress she wore in plaid was really pretty and she wore it with studded heals. I’ve just always wanted to (wear that) and I was like, ‘No! She got to wear it and I haven’t!’ (laughs) but she worked it.”

How has your look changed or evolved?
“I would say that my look has definitely changed. I mean, a couple of years ago I was just a little bit more funky with big hair. Now, I’m just a little bit more sleek. I think my look has been a little more clean-cut lately.”

What do you want your fans to see you as essentially?
“I want my fans to read my personality through my clothes. That’s what I always try to do. Some days, I’ll be in one of those moods; I’m wearing ripped jeans and some studded boots and cool comic t-shirt. And that’s the days my fans can tell I’m just more chill. And some days I’ll be wearing a cute little pink dress and they can tell that I’m more bubbly and excited that day.”

Is fashion your kryptonite or is it something that you’re more laid-back about?
“It just depends. Sometimes I’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll try that top. Whatever!’ But then sometimes I’m like, ‘No. I need to wear this dress at this and this time.’ For me, what I love are shoes. They need to be perfect. I have a big shoe closet!”

If we go into your shoe closet, which shoe designers would we see?
“Christian Louboutin. Brian Atwood… you’ll see a lot of Steve Madden. Steve Madden heels are so comfortable! They are just built for walking. Personally, I just love that they have a built-in platform. I have a lot of Chloe boots.”

Do you feel like your Latin roots have affected your style in any way?
“No. I mean, the only thing is that I do like to wear a lot of red (laughs). A lot of people are like, ‘red on redheads? Eh.’ But I will pull it off! I’ll be at the ALMA awards wearing a red dress – you know that.”


Interview and new images by Tamara Thorne

TeenVogue has posted an interview with Bella, and they also added 5 new images from the photoshoot by Bella’s mom, Tamara Thorne. You can read the interview below and check out the images in the gallery!

What have you been up to recently? Shake It Up: Made in Japan comes out on Aug. 17.
“The Shake It Up music video for ‘Fashion Is My Kryptonite’ just came out. It’s all about crazy, high-end fashion. I’m excited for fans to see less Disney fashion and more high fashion. If you’re not a fan of Shake It Up, our Made in Japan special has a whole new storyline. I’m also working on my music career, and I’m starting to perform now.”

Is fashion an interest of yours?
“Oh yeah! I would say my style is a pretty clean and simple, but I do like pops of color. I love the Miu Miu collection. I got these Miu Miu sneakers with glitter and studs on top! I love the huge, puffy sleeves and collars. I like Alice & Olivia, too. I picked out all the outfits in the music video.”

You starting acting as a child—you even played a young Taylor Townsend on The O.C.! What was behind your decision to pursue this career?
“I started acting when I was nine. I had dyslexia, so I was really afraid to start for all the bullying reasons. Then, my brother booked a pilot. He had to go in front of a live audience, and he was just so funny. He gave me the idea to prove everyone wrong. I thought, if my brother can do it, and he has no idea about comedy, then I could do it!”

You’ve been outspoken about overcoming dyslexia. How does it feel to speak publicly about such a personal issue?
“It’s really nice because I get to meet fans every day who say, ‘I’m dyslexic and you really inspired me.’ I wish I had someone to look up to when I was in school because for me, it was really, really hard. Fans contact me on Twitter because they made my character on Shake It Up dyslexic, and they often don’t realize that I’m actually dyslexic too! It’s nice to see that kids can believe it’s not something bad; it’s just a disability and it makes you work harder in life. I have to work harder at acting and dancing and when I try to play the piano because I mix up the numbers and the chords.”

Can you tell us about your philanthropic work for
“I love Do Something! I’m their global ambassador for anti-bullying. I was bullied in school and I know firsthand what it’s like to get bullied on the Internet. I’ve encouraged kids to make anti-bullying programs in their schools. People don’t realize that when you bully someone, you’re also bullying their families. In my case, it didn’t just affect me—it affected my mom and my brothers, too. Now, I’m afraid to talk in big crowds. When I have to present at award shows, I’m so scared. I start to get really sweaty and think that people are going to laugh at me if I mess up. Bullying can haunt a person for a really long time.”

What’s the style of music on your upcoming album?
“My music is a lot like me. I’m a little bit weird and playful, so I think my music needs to tell my fans that I’m like that because I’m not with them every day to show them. It’s like Gwen Stefani mixed with Ashlee Simpson.”

What music are you currently listening to?
“I listen to a lot of hip-hop because I’m a dancer. I really like the song ‘Drank in My Cup’ by Kirko Bangz—and the title has nothing to do with the meaning of the song! I also like Frank Ocean. His music is so soothing”.

What can we expect from the next season of Shake It Up?
“The new season is really cool—it’s more like a 90210 drama than a Disney drama. There’s going to be a huge change in my character’s family that’s going to shock the entire audience. It involves my mom, and it’s dramatic.”


– 005 x By Tamara Thorne > Session 8 [2012]

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, who play best friends CeCe and Rocky on Disney’s “Shake it Up” dropped by “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday (July 11) to chat about the show, whether or not they have been approached to do “Dancing with the Stars,” and tell us what they think of Miley Cyrus getting married!

Is Miley Cyrus Too Young To Get Married?
“To be honest, I wouldn’t judge, because it’s her choice,” Zendaya says. “If she really loves him, then why not? So what you’re a little bit younger. They’re really cute. They’ve been together for a while…they met when she was like 16. If she really has feelings for him that are that strong, then why not?” Bella added, “They look super cute together, they look adorable.”

On “Dancing with the Stars”:
“Shake it Up” co-star Roshon Fegan appeared on season 14 of “DWTS” So, have Bella or Zendaya been asked to show off their moves on the dance competition show? “Not yet, actually. But I was really proud of Roshon, he did really great. He’s like my big brother, so I was proud,” Zendaya gushes.

On Working Together:
“When we walked into the audition I didn’t really know her [Bella], I didn’t really talk to her in the audition. Then when we walked in and did our work together it was incredible. It was like that instant chemistry,” Zendaya tells us.

On The Popularity of “Shake it Up”:
“Like Zendaya always says, this is her signature thing to say, ‘Dance is a universal language.’ It just requires friendship, and every girl has a best friend,” Bella says. “Our characters Rocky and Cece they’re not perfect…they’re not like, ‘Oh yay, let’s go do this!’ My character is the one that always gets them into trouble and she always has to get us out. So, we have some rough edges here and there, but we work it out.”

What’s Next For Bella & Zendaya?
“We’re about to start up the new season of ‘Shake It Up,’ which is very exciting,” Zendaya tells us. “I can’t believe we are already on season 3, that just weirds me out. I feel like it’s season 1. Lots of music and we’re working on doing a tour.”

A new episode of “Shake It Up” airs this Sunday at 8:30pm on the Disney Channel and don’t miss the special 90-minute season finale “Shake it Up: Made in Japan” August 1st.


– 001 x “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” – July 11