Bella header photos for Twitter!

Yesterday I was thinking what I could make for the site, something you guys could use. Then I was on twitter and realized that I could make header images for Twitter featuring Bella! I think it’s a good idea, and I uploaded one of these to the site’s twitter @BThorneOnline so you can take a look.
Here you can see the four headers I added last night, and you can view the page here.
If you use, credit is greatly appreciated!

Made by Elisa

Made by Elisa

Made by Elisa

Made by Elisa

Fanmade Wallpapers and Icons added

Firstly I added some Icons that were sent to me by Maddy back in July, just found them on the site email.
If there’s anything I haven’t added that you sent to us, even though I may have replied, send it again or send a post about me not adding it, and I’ll try to find it.

– 011 x Photoshoot > By Maddy
– 013 x Public Appearances > By Maddy

Secondly, I added some fanart that was donated by Sentirra back in June. She sent us 3 amazing wallpapers and
some AOL Instant Messanger Icons, check those out here
Check out the wallpapers here below or by clicking Here

By Sentirra

By Sentirra

By Sentirra

‘The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 1’

On November 14th, Bella attended the Los Angeles premiere of “The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 1”!! I added total of 114 images to the gallery! Be sure to check them out! Thanks Jens and oTTo for all the amazing HQs.
Along with the images, I’ve also added Bella’s outfit to the style archive! They’re all at the top;
Bella’s Shoes
Bella’s Skirt
Bella’s Jacket

– 130 x “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” LA premiere

New Fanart

I just made a new page on the site for Fanarts and I added a couple of truly amazing images to it. First there is a beautiful drawing by Pattida and secondly there is an amazing Digital Painting by Gustavo. I would like to thank them for sharing their artwork with us, I really admire people with such talents, wish I had one.
If you’ve got anything you’d like to share with other Bella fans, don’t hesitate to contact me,
Anyhow, make sure you check out those wonderful fanarts and also, you can click on the “Link to Deviantart” link, and share your comments with the artists, they would greatly appreciate you doing so.
Go to the Fanart page

Made by Pattida
Link to Deviantart

Made by Gustavo
Link to Deviantart

New fanmade Icons and a Wallpaper

I know that I have a lot of pics to add, from 3 different events, but I’m really busy at the moment, I’ll try my best to add it as soon as possible!
But for the moment, here are some very lovely and creative icons that were donated to us by Maddy! I really love them and I hope you’ll do too. Make sure you check them out.
If you want to donate anything to BTO, feel free to send me an email to bellathorneonline[@], credit is given.

– 025 x Public Appearances > By Maddy
– 002 x Photoshoots > By Maddy
– 001 x Shake it Up > By Maddy

I also added a very beautiful wallpaper that was donated to us by Izzie in 6 different sizes!
You can also see it on the wallpaper page here

By Izzie

Disney Kids & Family Upfront 2011

On March 16th there was held a Disney Kids & Family Upfront 2011 in New York City. All the “Shake it up” cast was there, along with Selena Gomez. Bella looks really beautiful, don’t you just love her outfit? Her dress is from Top Shop and can be found in our style section already! Click here to view it.
68 HQ images have been added to the gallery, thanks to Jens, oTTo and Tikipeter.

– 068 x Disney Kids & Family Upfront 2011

New Icons + New Icon Archive Layout

Got great news for you, we now have gotten a brand new look for the Icon Archive.
It is designed and coded by myself, using images from the People’s Choice Awards, I think it looks great, and I hope that you agree!
I also just added some very beautiful new icons made by my friend Pili, 12 from public appearances and 8 from photoshoot pictures. Be sure to check them out, they’re really amazing!

– 012 x Public Appearances Icons > By Pili
– 008 x Photoshoot Icons > By Pili

EDIT: Sorry guys, I didn’t notice the Icon archive was locked. It is open now.