Wonderland Magazine photoshoot

Bella is featured in the Summer issue of Wonderland Magazine! I added a couple of images of Bella from by Charlotte Hadden for Wonderland Magazine, you can take a look at them in the gallery. There is also an interview with Bella on their website, part of it can be seen here below and the rest on the Magazine website.

Bella – it’s been a speedy climb to success, hasn’t it? When did you realise you wanted to become an actress?
I did it because everybody told me I wouldn’t be able to! I started acting when I was nine. I was on quite a few projects, I did Big Love, I did My Own Worst Enemy and Shake It Up was my first Disney role.

What attracted you to your part as mean girl Madison in The Duff?
I honestly wanted to play Bianca, the main character. The director Ari Sandel, was like, “No, you’ll be better as Madison!” I said okay, because I just really wanted to work on that film. I love the comedy! I was laughing out loud in my bedroom at two o’clock in the morning reading the script. I loved the message behind it, it’s really important and people need to know that in life you’ll be labelled, but it’s our job to climb out of that box and show people who we are.

So, you’re not playing the character that you wanted to – but do you see any similarities between yourself and Madison? Is there anything you can relate to?
No! Madison is really mean, she’s very evil, she’s conniving, she’s very blunt. That’s the only thing I like about Madison, she is very straightforward.

Have you ever encountered a Madison type in life?
Yes. I don’t know why she was mean to me, I honestly have no idea why. I haven’t said anything to this girl, I’ve barely even met her!

How horrible! How do you think people should deal with mean girls?
Well honestly, I’ve never confronted my mean girl. A lot of people give you the advice to just not worry about it and try and forget about it. No! That is so hard to do when you are the person being bullied. I was bullied and that’s messed up! Be very vocal, you should tell everybody.

>> Read the rest of the interview

Interview about “Autumn Falls”

US Magazine has posted an interview with Bella where she is discussing her novel “Autumn Falls”, the writing process, the character and more.

Thorne also knows honesty, which was probably the biggest takeaway from our lengthy chat with her about the book. Bella was open about her work with ghostwriter Elise Allen, and even more open when the discussion turned to her experience with losing her father and her family being taunted about it.

What was your writing process like?
I’ll draft out some stuff and write down some ideas where I want the story to go chapter by chapter. I’ll hand it to my ghostwriter and we’ll talk about the things that really need to be portrayed by these characters. … We try to have something happen in every chapter. You know what your main thing is, then you kind of write the story around it.

How much did you really collaborate with your ghostwriter?
We work together very well. She’s amazing and really knows what she’s doing. She’ll send back to me a draft and then I’ll make more notes and send it back to her. We keep that process for awhile and then we’ll send it to the editor and see what they think and get notes back.

There are so many parallels between your life and Autumn’s, particularly in relation to the death of her father. It felt a bit like you laid it all out there.
Exactly. I laid it all out there. … When my father first died, the day I heard it, I couldn’t cry. It was very odd. You’re still in a state of shock, I think. That’s kind of where Autumn is. There are times where I’m completely normal even to this day and I’m just like, “Oh, that light post looks nice. I wonder if Daddy would like that light post.” And then, all of a sudden, I realize I’m crying…

A lot of what happened to [Autumn], like the outside forces, too. There’s a rumor that she’s upset about and when she wakes up and hears [her father’s] voice — those are things in the book that happened to me and I wanted Autumn to feel that pain.

That stuff couldn’t have been very easy to write. Were there tears shed in the process?
Oh my God, there were so many.

You mentioned the rumor a classmate spreads that put the blame for her father’s death squarely on Autumn’s shoulders. What’s the real-life version of that incident?
The rumor happened a little bit differently to my family — not to me but to my family. It was so messed up and I just felt that it was a good thing to write in the book because people can be so evil.

How does some of that compare to some of the things you see written about you online now?
It’s just 10 times worse. I mean, it’s just my life. I’m not in public high school like Autumn is. … I realized that people can read whatever they want and they’re going to choose to believe it because they want to, not because it’s the truth, but because they want to believe you’re doing this or that. If they want to believe it, there’s no changing their minds, and that’s the same thing in high school.

Kyler Leeds is Autumn’s big celebrity crush. Who is your Kyler Leeds?
If I was in the time of the ’80s when Billy Squier was really big, he would have been my Kyler Leeds. I think he’s amazing and I love his music videos even though they are so much older.

One book down, two to go. Is that scary?
When Autumn Falls comes out and does well, I’ll be less worried. When I get feedback from my followers and they say how much they love it and this part inspired them and this would happen in their life and “Oh, Autumn went through this. So did I. I loved that you put it in there,” that’s when I’ll be happy.

I just really, really hope that everyone loves it and is like, “Wow, this girl isn’t just the Disney Channel girl. This is a girl that had hard times. This is a girl that has been through a lot of stuff and is still standing strong, still here.” I really hope people see that.


Photoshoot by Hilary Higgins

Came across a photo of Bella by Hilary Higgins for redeye along with an interview with Bella.

When you found out that you would be going to Africa for “Blended,” what went through your mind?
“Oh my God. I’m going to Africa. For two months. How’s that going to be?” Literally. Those exact sentences went through my mind.
Was that excitement, nerves or fear?
I think it was a lot of almost confusion. Like, “Wow, I’m going to Africa. For two months. I don’t know any of these cast members. I’m [going] with Adam and Drew, who are hilarious comedians. What if they don’t like me?!”
Why would you think that?
I don’t know. You don’t know what kind of set you’re walking onto. There’s a lot of sets where the vibe and the energy just isn’t what you expected, but luckily on this set I got pretty lucky.
Did you have to learn anything about Africa before you went? Or get vaccinations?
No, because where we went there was no malaria or anything like that. So we were in a safe part.
I read there was a strict protocol on set as far as keeping windows closed and other things you could and couldn’t do.
In the hotel, the baboons and the monkeys, they come in your room and they knock over all the sugar and they eat it, and they drank all the Red Bull and they rip your pillow cases and they throw it everywhere, and you have to pay for all of it.


– 001 x By Hilary Higgins for RedEye

Just Jared Spotlight of the Week!

As promised we now have photoshoot images and an article from JustJared, take a look at it here on their site, and thanks to them for the amazing images! It’s an amazing photoshoot by Justin Campbell, you can see style credits and more on the JustJared page! I love the photoshoot!
Read part of the interview here below;

Just Jared: How was your 16th birthday celebration?
Bella Thorne: Oh, it was so much fun. We went to dinner and I had all my friends there and my family. It was just really nice.

JJ: What was your favorite gift from the night?
BT: Well I love when people give you gifts and things that you really need, so I asked my sister for new shavers. There is this one kind of shaver that I love and that I’m obsessed with, but I don’t know what the name of it was called. I described it to her and she went and got me a bunch of those. I was like, ‘Yes, thank you!’

JJ: What did your boyfriend Tristan Klier get you?
BT: He got me a necklace.

JJ: Since you are now 16 and can legally drive, did you get your license and a car yet?
BT: No, I don’t really want to drive. It’s just too scary and I’m one of those people, when they try something new, it has to be perfect. So if I try it, I’d be one of those people that would be like, ‘You can’t even text, while I’m driving’!

JJ: We hear that you are able to shoot a film in New Mexico, can you tell us more about that?
BT: It’s called Big Sky. We’ve got great actors. I’m really excited to start working with the director who did We Are What We Are [Jorge Michel Grau] and that is such an amazing film. Basically my character has agoraphobia. It’s a fear of the outside world. She can’t go outside.

JJ: How long are you filming for?
BT: Three weeks.

JJ: You recently shot with Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner on Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, how was it working with them?
BT: It was really great, we all got to say goodbye to Steve, it was his last day on set. He’s just really fun and sweet and he’s so funny that when you’re in a scene with him, it’s so hard to not crack up! He’s so funny.

JJ: What was the funniest thing that happened on set?
BT: The kids that play his kids, they put a song and dance together saying goodbye to him and they wrote it and everything. It was pretty funny!

JJ: How was it shooting with Drew Barrymore on The Familymoon?
BT: She’s amazing. I’m in love with her. She even sent me a gift for my birthday. I was like ‘aww that’s so sweet!’ She remembered and everything. She’s amazing.


– 008 x Just Jared Spotlight of the Week by Justin Campbell

Girl’s life cover, new candids & more

Bella is on the June/July cover of Girl’s Life magazine. I love the cover photo and inside you can see some more beautiful photoshoot images of her. The issue also features an interview with her where she is talking about her upcoming music and more. Make sure to check it out and I’ll try to find some more images later.

– 01 x Girl’s Life Magazine – June/July 2013 issue

Yesterday, on May 13th, Bella was photographed at Lax Airport. She is flying to South Africa in order to film some new scenes of her upcoming movie “Blended”. Hopefully we’ll see some images of her at the set soon!

– 30 x At LAX airport – May 13th, 2013

And Bella also had a photoshoot for Billboard Music Awards. The images look really amazing so make sure to take a look at them. Claudiu added the images to the gallery.

– 18 x Impromptu shoot for Billboard Music Awards – 2013

Fifth Annual ‘Staples for Students’ National School Supply Drive Gives Kids in Need a Back-to-School

Fifth Annual ‘Staples for Students’ National School Supply Drive Gives Kids in Need a Back-to-School Boost
Bella Thorne, DoSomething.org and Staples Unite to Make a Difference

NEW YORK & FRAMINGHAM, Mass. Teen actress and recording artist Bella Thorne teamed up for the 5th annual Staples for Students national school supply drive with Staples and DoSomething.org this summer to help thousands of kids in need. The campaign resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in school supplies going to students across the country.

Bella Thorne encouraged teens to make a difference by collecting supplies and helped raise awareness through a public service announcement and her social media channels. Most recently, Bella surprised children at the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles with hundreds of bags of school supplies.

“It’s been amazing to be a part of the Staples for Students program to rally my fellow teens to go out and get involved”

“As a student, I know how important it is to be prepared for the school year, so a huge thank you to all of the teens who participated!”

Additional star power gave the Staples for Students campaign a big boost this summer. Teen celebrities lined the red carpet to stuff gift bags full of supplies at a Teen Choice Awards post-party hosted by Bella. Mike Aviles of the Boston Red Sox and Jake Peavy of the Chicago White Sox also pitched in by taking children from local Boys & Girls Clubs on back-to-school shopping sprees.
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Kidsday Interview

New Interview with Bella by Kidsday.

We met actress Bella Thorne, who stars in one of our favorite Disney shows, “Shake It Up!” while she was in Manhattan recently.

Question: Who do you like to hang out with the most from the cast?
Answer: Definitely Zendaya, and I also think probably Kenton (Duty) and Davis (Cleveland). I love Davis and I love Kenton.
Click here to find out more!

Q: What is your favorite episode in “Shake It Up!”?
A: In “Shake It Up!” my favorite episode is probably – oh, that’s a hard one – for the first season I really like the dyslexia episode because I’m dyslexic, of course. There’s an episode coming up where you get to meet my dad. He’s in the second season. I really like that because it’s all about family and it’s really cute.

Q: How hard was it to learn all the dance moves?
A: It’s definitely hard because I was never a dancer before “Shake It Up!” It was definitely difficult to become a dancer and getting used to this world that I wasn’t a part of.

Q: Is working on a movie different from working on the TV show?
A: Working on a movie is a lot different just because of the timing and how long it takes. We’re doing a four-camera set up and there’s a whole hard set in back of us and it ends and you always have to keep face front. Like where you walk, you have to walk, like, still front. So in a movie you can do whatever you want – the camera will follow you. And so, in the TV show, you have to follow the camera. You can take your time (in a movie) and think about things. But in a sitcom, 30 minutes is done. So it’s definitely really different.

Q: Are you like your character in real life?
A: I’m a lot like my character from the movie (“Frenemies”) and from the show. I think that those two characters, Avalon and CeCe, mixed together would definitely be me.

Q: Do you like being recognized?
A: I do, because I love meeting my fans. I love meeting new people, and when they smile and they look at me, it makes me want to cry, because that’s why we do it. We do it to impress them and make them laugh and smile, and they make me really happy.

Q: What’s the best thing about being famous?
A: I think getting to meet your fans. Getting to meet the people that love you and are always going to be there for you. To say I have the best fans – I can’t imagine not having them – I love them so much.

Q: Do you like dancing better than acting?
A: No, but I would say I like them equally.

Q: If you weren’t an actor, what would you like to be?
A: I can’t really imagine myself not being an actor not doing what I love. I would say probably an artist. I love drawing and painting.

Q: What else have you acted on?
A: I’ve done a lot. I’ve done – this is like my first comedy, Disney comedy, but before I did “Big Love,” “My Own Worst Enemy,” I’ve done like a lot more serious stuff.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: I haven’t really had free time, but I’d say being with friends and sleeping all day long.

Q: How long do they give you to memorize your script and dance moves?
A: So we do temporary read on Wednesday . . . and Thursday we get a new script and we do our producer run-through and on Friday we do our network run-through and on Monday and Tuesday we shoot.

Q: Do you like to hang out with Zendaya?
A: Oh yeah. Zendaya and I even when we were training in Toronto we would sleep over every night or we would Skype. When we were in Toronto we were together all day. Even now we hang out and we have sleepovers. We’re like inseparable.


Bella and Pia – Interview with Fanlala

An interview with Bella and Pia Mia by Fanlala.

You’ve seen her on ‘Shake It Up,’ and you’ve blasted their single ‘Bubblegum Boy’ non-stop. For Bella Thorne and Pia Mia, the ride has only begun. We got to chat with the duo, (and we must say, they were energetic!) so check out our interview below!
Fanlala: Bella, You credit Texas Instruments as the big break for your career. What did the company have you do?
Bella Thorne: It was a commercial, ten commercials, and I had to do two sets of them. One of them was shot all in Canada. There was an elephant named George on the set, he was really cute. Everyone thinks that he was green screened, but he wasn’t! It was definitely different. It was hard to fill my lines, because it was hard to get George to look at the camera!
F: Pia, if you could choose one onscreen project for you and Bella to work on, what would you two want to do?
Pia Mia: A music video would definitely be a lot of fun. Fans have been asking for a video for ‘Bubblegum Boy,’ so we’ve wanted to do something like that.
F: Your song ‘Bubblegum Boy’ is a huge hit, both online and on Radio Disney. A question for you both – what is your favorite flavor of bubble gum, or candy in general?
BT: Dubble Bubble is my favorite gum. I love chewing the kind that you can blow really big bubbles with. The normal kind gives me headaches, so I prefer watermelon flavored gum!
PM: Definitely the regular gum flavor, and my favorite candy is Twix! Ooooh! And Milky Ways. They give them to me on set all the time!
F: Bella, we know you spend a lot of time on both coasts. Either LA or New York. What would you say are the best parts of both cities?
BT: In New York it’s the honesty of people. If they don’t like you out there, they’ll tell you straight up. I just love New York, walking down the streets is really fun. You can get two-dollar hot dogs, and the fashion out there is exquisite. And LA is just clean – all my friends are here. I’ve got Pia and Zendaya!
F: Do the two of you have any Disney memories from when you grew up together?
BT: When I was growing up, my sister’s room was Disney themed. I was looking at pictures when I was younger, and I look like an unhappy baby, but I have had wonderful Disney experiences, and I’m named after Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast!’
PM: My Disney memory was Cinderella from third grade. I tried out for Cinderella with a bunch of other people in my class and I got the part of Cinderella. It’s that part that got me started in singing!

Each week, you can vote for ‘Bubblegum Boy’ to be number one on Radio Disney. They totally get our votes. We wish you the best girls!