Some missing images added to gallery

Recently I’m found some missing images that we didn’t have in our gallery. Including missing photoshoot images, or additional photoshoot images. One missing event from 2015, and a still from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. You can check these out in the gallery, albums listed below.

Glamour (Mexico) [December 2015]
Latina Magazine Cover Outtakes (some new added)
By Ryan Jerome for Marie Claire Indonesia [April 2016]
by Contarsy+Karecha Highmark Studios for 360 Magazine [Oct 2014]
Jeremy Scott and adidas Originals VMA’s After Party
[2015] Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip > Promotional Stills

16 new drawings by Thomas Bartels

I was going through some pages here on the site, and realized I had never updated all the wonderful drawings by a German artist, Thomas Bartels, who so kindly donated all of them to the site for us to show to Bella fans!
Make sure you check him out on his twitter, @ThomasBartels83! He is making lots of drawings and sharing them there!
Here are three drawing examples, but make sure to check out the rest of his stunning drawings, a total of 25 now, in the Fanart section

New Movie Role! “Mostly Ghostly 2”

Well, seems like we have gotten the information on what Bella was spotted filming on March 22nd, it’s a new movie role! Titled Mostly Ghostly 2: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend? and it now has an IMDB page and an official facebook page.

This movie is based on the Mostly Ghostly book series by R. L. Stine, this is the second book of the series. Here is a summary of the book.

Nicky and Tara still live in Max’s bedroom, and while they’ve found some clues, they still don’t know what happened to their parents. Meanwhile, Phears is still desperate to get his hands on Nicky and Tara, and to pressure Max into turning them over, Phears brings a Berserker Ghoul to inhabit Max’s body—and make Max go berserk when he least expects it! But Max, Nicky, and Tara aren’t giving in to Phears. They have a few tricks up their sleeve—like one very talkative ghost cat, who’s taken residence inside the tunnel to the ghost world. . . .

Other actors that are confirmed for this project are Bella’s “Shake it Up” co-star Roshon Fegan, Madison Pettis, Calum Worthy and Ryan Ochoa.

Seems like a cool project! What do you guys think? yet another movie we await to see with Bella! Release date is unknown, we’ll keep you posted!

Congratulations on your new project Bella!!

New Layout!

I’m sure you can notice that the site has gotten a brand new theme and layout. It is bright like the last one, yet very, very different, and I myself is loving the change. It features a photoshoot image by Sherri Hill and was designed by Claudiu, using a theme from ohmymorning.
I truly love this layout and I hope you do too or will come to love it. Now you can see all of Bella’s upcoming and current projects, whether it’s her movies, novel, album or iDecide campaign, it’s all there, in different categories, you just need to click on the little icons on top to navigate the projects.
I think that’s about it, I’ll be working on adding some additional things to the layout like quick links and things like that, I’m also working on some other pages of the site, like the “Fan Stories” page needs an update, and I’ll post about it and add links to the sidebar.

Dirty Little Secret Campaign Photoshoot

A photoshoot with Bella for the World Water Day & Dirty Little Secret Campaign has been released. The World Water day was on March 22nd this weekend. I added images to the gallery. You can read an article from JustJaredJr. below.

Bella Thorne pretties up her red hair with cute Charmsies while getting ready for a full day of meetings late last month.

The 16-year-old actress is lending her powerful voice to this weekend’s World Water Day for The Thirst Project’s Dirty Little Secret Campaign.

For the campaign, the Thirst Project is asking students to take an old plastic water bottle, remove the label, and (using the recipe for “the perfect dirty water”) cook up their best batch of dirty water to carry around in it.

Students will carry this water bottle with them EVERYWHERE during the month of March with the goal of shocking people, getting their attention and getting them to ask , “What the heck is THAT, and WHY are you drinking it?!?” This gives students the chance to have conversations with people about the reality of the global water crisis and how many people suffer from it.

With World Water Day THIS WEEKEND (March 22), all eyes will on The Thirst Project and their goal to raise $50 million in the next decade for Swaziland, Africa, a country with little to no clean water and the highest density of HIV positive people in the world.

– 033 x World Water Day & Dirty Little Secret Campaign Photoshoot

Egg Decorating Egg-sperience + Candids

Better late than never, Bella was spotted Hiking in Runyun Canyon with her friend Claudia Lee and their dogs on March 7th, and I added 36 candids of them. Then on March 9th, Bella attended the Yoshi’s Celebrity Egg Decorating Egg-sperience and I added some images from that as well, be sure to take a look.

– 036 x Hiking in Runyun Canyon, Los Angeles – March 7, 2014

– 033 x Yoshi’s Celebrity Egg Decorating Egg-sperience