Bella and Zendaya talk about “Frenemies”

An interview by Channel Guide Magazine with Bella and Zendaya talking about “Frenemies”

Both actors play fashion journalists, so we asked, “If you truly were a journalist, what question would you ask yourself?”
Zendaya says: “That is really tough. Probably, I’d ask myself, ‘Where do you want to be in five years?’ I think that’s always an interesting question as far as where someone thinks their future will go. I’d like to see myself continuing many years of Shake It Up — it’s kind of like my second home. Hopefully coming out with albums because I love singing, maybe win a Grammy or two — I wouldn’t be mad at that. An Academy Award for movies, I’m good with that. I see myself continuing my career in a happy, healthy way.”
Thorne says: “I’d ask myself, ‘When you look into the mirror, who do you see?’ When I look into the mirror I see me as a little girl growing up and going through a lot of hard times. Going through dyslexia and my dad passing away and my grandmother and grandfather. I see that but I also see the happiness I have with my family and to be so thankful and humbled by my fans — they love my songs and the show, and that makes me want to cry because I love them so much. I think that’s what I see — someone who’s gotten through a lot. Yet people look up to me in some kinds of ways and that means a lot to me.”

As for picking a favorite outfit from the film…
Thorne says: “Do you remember when I’m talking to the guy who has a crush on me in the film? He comes up to me and I’m trying to get everyone to do a John Frank thing. It’s an “I Heart” T-shirt with a jacket over it with a skirt and high socks and heels.
Zendaya says: ‘The clothes were just impeccable and so fun to work with. There were outfits were I was like I wish I could just take these home and wear these – and also a lot of them were very comfortable and free. You know I love to dance so I could move in them.”

And, when it comes to keeping up with technology – as their characters do – they have a good pulse on it…
Thorne says: “I’m really good about everything going online. I don’t have an iPad. I have a Mac. My best friend Tia has one and she’s always like, ‘you can you do this and this,’ but I’m not good with iPads. I’m really good at texting. My brother does this test for texting. I think we have fast texters in my family.”


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