Planet 51 premiere

Bella attended the Planet 51 premiere. There are currently only 4 images in the gallery but they are adorable, so be sure to check them out. More images will be added as soon as we find them, hopefully we’ll also get some HQ images from the premiere,

– 004 x “Planet 51” premiere

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New Images – Bella Youtube Account

I just added a new November candid of Bella with her sister. I also added a Magazine Scan from Fao Scwartz and then I’ve added 7 new images from the Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween event. And thanks to my friend oTTo and Tikipeter two of them are in HQ !

– 007 x Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween
– 001 x November 2009
– 001 x Fao Scwartz

Also we have big news for you guys. Bella has made herself a youtube account! She has posted her first video and here it is;

Screencaps + Candids + New Event

Anna added some screencaps from the trailer of Raspberry Magic and also from Bella’s Sears Arrive Lounge Audition. There have also been added several Halloween, October and November candids, along with an event Bella attended a couple of days ago, called Asics Hello Kitty Lounge. Enjoy the new pics ;D

– 011 x Raspberry Magic Trailer
– 018 x Sears Arrive Lounge Audition
– 005 x November 2009 with Kathryn Newton
– 003 x Halloween 2009
– 009 x October 2009
– 003 x Asics Hello Kitty Lounge

Big Love On Set + Photoshoot Outtakes

Hi, I’ve added 5 new images to the gallery. We have our first look of Bella as Tancy in Big Love! She’s so cute on those pics, so be sure to take a look at them.
We also have some photoshoot outtakes from the Inspire Magazine shoot by Tamara. And at last we have gotten one new image from the Ronald McDonald Halloween event where Bella is with Remy.

– 003 x On the Set of “Big Love”
– 001 x Ronald McDonald Camp For Good Times
– 001 x Session 6 by Tamara – Outtakes


We have made a Icon Archive for Bella Thorne Online. We currently have got 39 regular Icons made by me, plus 174 Bases For Icons which were all made by Emilina.
You can also donate your own artwork, it will be put up on the site with full credit given to you. You can send us wallpapers, bookmarks, signatures or Icons on our email, , we’d love to see what you’ve made ;D
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There has also been added two Bookmarks and one Wallpaper