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Bella is featured in the new issue of 360 Magazine! You can take a look at some scans of it in our gallery now.

- 004 x 360 Magazine [Autumn 2014]

Posted on October 19th, 2014, By • Article under CSI

The episode of CSI, Book of Shadows, featuring Bella is airing tonight, October 19th, on CBS! Here is the episode preview! Sadly seems to not feature Bella.

There are also two sneak peeks from the upcoming episode.

Also Yahoo shared a clip featuring Bella, but I cannot put it here on the site, but be sure to click HERE and take a look!

Posted on October 9th, 2014, By • Article under Alexander Movie Videos

Bella Thorne, star of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, in theaters 0ct. 10, imagines the worst possible date ever, and it involves a broken engine, ugly shoes, and the “Pharrell hat.

Posted on October 9th, 2014, By • Article under Interview Videos

When she’s not hitting the silver screen alongside Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner, Bella Thorne lends her voice to a variety of causes.

Along with working the Thirst Project to bring water to people in developing countries, she’s an animal rights supporter and hopes to one day open a cat sanctuary.

The star of Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is also a writer and takes her experience from being bullied as writing inspiration for her new novel “Autumn Falls.”

You can always watch the most recent FULL EPISODE at:

Posted on October 8th, 2014, By • Article under Bella News

It’s Bella’s birthday today October 8th! We wanted to wish her a very happy 17th birthday and we hope she will have a fantastic day!

Posted on October 7th, 2014, By • Article under Alexander Movie Gallery Premiere

Yesterday on October 6th, Bella attended the Los Angeles premiere of her movie “Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” which will be released in cinema on October 10th! Bella looked amazing, and she was there along with her family, friends, co-stars and her boyfriend.
Be sure the check out the images in the gallery, 92 images have been added so far!

- 092 x “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day” LA Premiere

Posted on October 7th, 2014, By • Article under Gallery Photoshoot The DUFF

Article from Variety about Bella’s upcoming movie “The DUFF“. Also on the site is a picture of Bella with her co-stars in the film which I have added to the gallery.

Can a film about shallow beauty and high school popularity also be empowering for women? It can if it’s CBS Films’ comedy-drama “The Duff.”

The adaptation of the YA bestseller by then-17-year-old Kody Keplinger is due out Feb. 20. The women behind the film, producers Susan Cartsonis and Mary Viola, and CBS Films’ president Terry Press, approached the indie — budgeted at $9.5 million — with passion.

The book follows whip-smart high school senior Bianca, who sees herself as an outsider, especially compared to her friends — all pretty, popular girls — and the events that unfurl after Bianca finds out she’s “the duff” (designated ugly fat friend). “We all gravitated toward the writer’s voice — I didn’t know Kody was a teenager,” says Viola. “It didn’t talk down to teens.”

The subject matter — self-esteem centered on perceived physical beauty or lack thereof — is a hot topic, and “The Duff” deals with it frankly.
So casting was key, and tough. “We talked a lot about what kind of young woman would be ‘The Duff,’ ” says Press, adding that the young woman playing Bianca had to be accessible.

Mae Whitman (“Parenthood”) won the role, setting off a storm on social media. “Only in Hollywood would Mae Whitman be considered the Duff” was the consensus.


Bella Thorne relished her role as the villain. “She just wants to win, and that’s all she cares about,” says Thorne.



- 001 x Alex Hoerner for Variety

Posted on October 7th, 2014, By • Article under Bella News K.C. Undercover

Bella will be guest starring on K.C. Undercover, Zendaya’s new series! Such great news! But no information yet, on when the episode will air!

Zendaya and Bella Thorne are reuniting! The teen power duo, who once starred together on ‘Shake It Up,’ are about to hit your TV screen together once again.
Zendaya, 17, and Bella Thorne, 16, shot to stardom when their show Shake It Up premiered on Disney in 2010. The BFFs are about to join forces once more! Zendaya just confirmed on Oct. 6 that Bella will be a guest star on her new comedy K.C. Undercover.

So exciting! After days of rumors, Zendaya herself has confirmed that Bella will guest star on Z’s new show, K.C. Undercover. Zendaya is starring and executive producing this comedy for the Disney Channel!

Bella also confirmed the news. The gorgeous redhead is set to hit the premiere of her new movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day tonight. She just tweeted:

“Getting ready for the premiere from the set of KC UNDERCOVER! #Zella”


Posted on October 5th, 2014, By • Article under Autumn Falls Book

TeenVogue has shared an exclusive chapter from Bella’s upcoming debut novel titled Autumn Falls. You can read part of it here below and the whole on the TeenVogue page. The novel is to be released on November 11th, just a few weeks from now!

Chapter Three

Lunch offers a welcome relief. At least I expect that to suck. After I finally drop my stuff in my locker, I walk through “the Tube,” the long cafeteria building where everyone buys their food. I take my time snagging the least toxic-looking options. Eventually, though, I have to come out to the big grassy courtyard an see the giant sea of strangers gathered in well-established groups at picnic tables or spots on the lawn.

Better to sit alone than stand around looking lost. I head for an empty spot on the grass, off to the side where I won’t be noticed. It’s Jenna’s lunch period back in Stillwater too. Maybe she’ll have her phone on.

“Autumn! Autumn!”

I wheel around and see J.J. waving to me, a big smile on his face.

He’s with two other people: a scrawny, sandy- blond guy bent over his cell phone, and a short, curvy girl in a clingy tangerine-colored dress. She’s sprawled sideways on the lawn, propped up on one elbow.

“Hey, J.J.”

“Hey. Autumn, this is Jack Rivers and Amalita Leibowitz, alternatively known as Vicar’s Jerk and Await A Zombie Lilt. In keeping with your theory, Amalita’s Thing is cosmetics, while Jack’s is comic books. In other words, Ames is dedicated to inspiring attraction between men and women, while Jack is dedicated to poisoning it.”

“Dude, you’re crazy,” Jack retorts. “Girls love superheroes.”

“Girls love guys who play superheroes in movies,” Amalita counters, “not pasty boys who read about them.”

“Watch with the pasty,” J.J. says. “I prefer vampire chic.”

Jack looks up at me for the first time. “Oh, hey—you spit gum on Carrie Amernick’s desk in French class. Well done. She’s evil.”

“Not every girl who rejects you is evil,” Amalita says.

Then she turns to me and adds, “Esta como una cabra because she wouldn’t go out with him but she went out with J.J.”

“You speak Spanish?” I ask.

“Fine, so she’s not evil,” Jack says. “She just has crap taste.”

“Or she likes talking about things other than villainous plans to take over Megalopolis,” J.J. says.

“Metropolis, dude.” Jack turns to me, but gestures to J.J. “He’s a—”

“Yeah?” J.J. cuts him off. “Well, you’re a—”

Amalita holds up a hand to ward them off and turns back to me. “Sí. Y tu?”

“Solo un poco,” I say. “I’m half Cuban.”

“Me too!” Amalita says. “I’m a PuertoMecuadorbano Jew. My mom’s side is Puerto Rican, Mexican, Ecuadorian, and Cubano…and my dad won’t mix milk and meat.”

“With me, it’s my dad,” I say. “He’s—”

Was. He was. I blink back tears and hope they don’t notice.

“Give me your face,” Amalita says.

That’s a bad idea. All she’ll do is give me crap about my forehead and I swear I can’t handle any more of it.

I also can’t handle fighting back right this second, and there’s no room in her eyes for a no. I lean forward, and Amalita’s earrings and all her bracelets jangle as she sits up and takes my chin in her hands.

“Here’s what I’d say,” she offers after several long minutes. “You need to stay natural. Swap the lipstick for gloss. Peachy. Kill the eye shadow. Brown liner. Smudge it on top. On the bottom you need powder, the tiniest bit. Right now it’s running down your face. Just a little, don’t freak out, but it won’t do that with the powder. Tiny bit of bronzer right here, on the apples of your cheeks. I see you wearing more, I smack you and take it away. We’ll go to the mall after school and get everything you need, fifty dollars tops. Plus a little arnica gel. Put that on your head, ice it up tonight, the lump is gone by morning.”

This time I don’t even feel the tears coming. I just start to cry.


Posted on October 5th, 2014, By • Article under Amityville

Just read some sad news about Bella’s upcoming movie Amityville: The Awakening having been delayed! Expected release date was January 2nd, 2015. But now it is unknown when it will be released, maybe mid-summer 2015. Here you can read an article from bloody disgusting about why this came to be!

Some bummer news hit a week ago, announcing the delay of TWC-Dimension’s Amityville, which was to hit theaters this coming January.

Now, we’re being told one of the potential reasons behind the push.

A source who wishes to remain anonymous explains that the studio held two separate screenings for Amityville: The Awakening (this I have confirmed), and the feedback was overwhelemingly positive.

The main issue audiences had with the Franck Khalfoun-directed sequel was with the ending, resulting in the Weinstein execs to order re-shoots. In additional to some additional photography (to spruce up the movie), the effects work was falling behind. The delay gives more time for post work, such as the VFX.

Lastly, the reason for the indefinite delay is that star Cameron Monaghan is in the middle of shooting the new season of “Shameless”, and his schedule is unclear.

Our multiple sources tell us that the plan is to finish everything after the November holiday and aim for a mid/late summer 2015 release.

In the film, “Belle, her little sister, and her comatose twin brother move into a new house with their single mother Joan in order to save money to help pay for her brother’s expensive healthcare. But when strange phenomena begin to occur in the house including the miraculous recovery of her brother, Belle begins to suspect her Mother isn’t telling her everything and soon realizes they just moved into the infamous Amityville house.”

It stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne, McKenna Grace, Cameron Monaghan, Taylor Spreitler, Thomas Mann and Jennifer Morrison.


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