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Bella Thorne was spotted attending, “The Horrible Bosses 2″ premiere. She wore a white jumpsuit and ‘stole the night’ on the 20th of November in LA. Her jumpsuit featured a plunging halter neckline and open back. She ended off the beautifully worn outfit with silver sandals – which gave it a metallic pop. She styled her strawberry blonde hair with golden locks. Her make-up stayed classical with a nude lip and the usual – eyeliner and light pink blush. She didn’t seem to even need the base with her clear skin. Everyone was impressed by the way she rocked that outfit.






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Yesterday, November 19th, Bella attended the Candie’s Holiday Collection Launch in New York City. I think that she looks beautiful, as always! What do you think? I uploaded 37 high quality photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!

- 37 x Candie’s Holiday Collection Launch

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On November 16th, Bella was spotted on the beach in Miami, Florida. I think that she looks stunning, what do you think? I uploaded 138 high quality photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!

- 138 x On the beach in Miami, Florida – November 16, 2014

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On November 16th, Bella was spotted at the Chicago Airport in Chicago. I think that she looks beautiful, as always! What do you think? I uploaded 18 high quality photos to the gallery. Make sure you check them out!

- 18 x At the airport in Chicago – November 16, 2014

Posted on November 18th, 2014, By • Article under Bella News Red Band Society

I posted some time ago about Bella having a guest appearance on the TV show “Red Band Society”. Stumbled upon more information.

Bella plays Delaney Shaw in Episode 9 of this first season of the show and the episode title is “How Did We Get Here?

This is not all! The show is airing on November 26th on FOX!!!! Just a few days away, so we don’t have to wait long to see Bella on the small screen again!!

Summary for the episode:

Romance is in bloom at Ocean Park Hospital, as things heat up between Kara and Hunter. Also, Leo and Emma get romantic, as Emma gets unexpected news. Meanwhile, Dr. McAndrew tries to win Dr. Grace back.

Posted on November 18th, 2014, By • Article under The DUFF Videos

The first official trailer for “The DUFF” is here, and I also added a poster for the film to the gallery.

- 001 x Poster / Cover

Posted on November 17th, 2014, By • Article under Gallery Stills The DUFF

Thanks to J-14 we now have a new image of Bella from “The DUFF”.
The trailer for the movie will come out tomorrow! Cannot wait to see it! Bella gave us a teaser a few days ago through her instagram you can take a look if you haven’t seen it already.

A video posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

- 001 x Promotional Photos/Stills

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Bella’s EP “Jersey” has been released!!
Track list:

1. “Jersey”
2. “Paperweight”
3. “One More Night”
4. “Boyfriend Material”
5. “Call It Whatever


Bella added on instagram some photos from the photoshoot for Jersey, added 17 new images to the gallery.

- 017 x Jersey EP Photoshoot

Posted on November 16th, 2014, By • Article under Gallery Photoshoot

I added some new outtakes of Bella from different photoshoots she did this year. I love them, I think that Bella looks stunning, as always! What do you think? Make sure you check the pictures out!

- 01 x Girls Life Magazine
- 01 x By Colin Douglas Gray
- 01 x Jersey EP Photoshoot
- 02 x Latina Magazine Cover Outtakes

Posted on November 15th, 2014, By • Article under Articles & Interviews Autumn Falls

US Magazine has posted an interview with Bella where she is discussing her novel “Autumn Falls”, the writing process, the character and more.

Thorne also knows honesty, which was probably the biggest takeaway from our lengthy chat with her about the book. Bella was open about her work with ghostwriter Elise Allen, and even more open when the discussion turned to her experience with losing her father and her family being taunted about it.

What was your writing process like?
I’ll draft out some stuff and write down some ideas where I want the story to go chapter by chapter. I’ll hand it to my ghostwriter and we’ll talk about the things that really need to be portrayed by these characters. … We try to have something happen in every chapter. You know what your main thing is, then you kind of write the story around it.

How much did you really collaborate with your ghostwriter?
We work together very well. She’s amazing and really knows what she’s doing. She’ll send back to me a draft and then I’ll make more notes and send it back to her. We keep that process for awhile and then we’ll send it to the editor and see what they think and get notes back.

There are so many parallels between your life and Autumn’s, particularly in relation to the death of her father. It felt a bit like you laid it all out there.
Exactly. I laid it all out there. … When my father first died, the day I heard it, I couldn’t cry. It was very odd. You’re still in a state of shock, I think. That’s kind of where Autumn is. There are times where I’m completely normal even to this day and I’m just like, “Oh, that light post looks nice. I wonder if Daddy would like that light post.” And then, all of a sudden, I realize I’m crying…

A lot of what happened to [Autumn], like the outside forces, too. There’s a rumor that she’s upset about and when she wakes up and hears [her father’s] voice — those are things in the book that happened to me and I wanted Autumn to feel that pain.

That stuff couldn’t have been very easy to write. Were there tears shed in the process?
Oh my God, there were so many.

You mentioned the rumor a classmate spreads that put the blame for her father’s death squarely on Autumn’s shoulders. What’s the real-life version of that incident?
The rumor happened a little bit differently to my family — not to me but to my family. It was so messed up and I just felt that it was a good thing to write in the book because people can be so evil.

How does some of that compare to some of the things you see written about you online now?
It’s just 10 times worse. I mean, it’s just my life. I’m not in public high school like Autumn is. … I realized that people can read whatever they want and they’re going to choose to believe it because they want to, not because it’s the truth, but because they want to believe you’re doing this or that. If they want to believe it, there’s no changing their minds, and that’s the same thing in high school.

Kyler Leeds is Autumn’s big celebrity crush. Who is your Kyler Leeds?
If I was in the time of the ’80s when Billy Squier was really big, he would have been my Kyler Leeds. I think he’s amazing and I love his music videos even though they are so much older.

One book down, two to go. Is that scary?
When Autumn Falls comes out and does well, I’ll be less worried. When I get feedback from my followers and they say how much they love it and this part inspired them and this would happen in their life and “Oh, Autumn went through this. So did I. I loved that you put it in there,” that’s when I’ll be happy.

I just really, really hope that everyone loves it and is like, “Wow, this girl isn’t just the Disney Channel girl. This is a girl that had hard times. This is a girl that has been through a lot of stuff and is still standing strong, still here.” I really hope people see that.


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